WATCH: Farrah Abraham’s Mother Dances on a Nutcracker

Debra Danielsen

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Debra Danielsen, Farrah Abraham’s mother, is showing off her Christmas spirit. On December 20, 2021, Danielsen posted a video featuring her dancing on a nutcracker in a Christmas outfit – a red and white sweater with red shorts and heels.

The 64-year-old captioned the video, “Who else is ‘Going Off’ for the holidays?! And by ‘Going Off’, I mean spreading some holiday Joy & Cheer!”

In the video, Danielsen danced next to a nutcracker, lifting a leg. And while some were excited about the video, others didn’t share that sentiment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Respond to Danielsen’s Video

A number of fans were supportive of Danielsen. One person wrote, “Merry Christmas beautiful!!! You look amazing!!” Another commented, “Outfit is super cute tho.”

Others, however, weren’t as forgiving. Someone wrote, “Omg I feel so sad for her. She don’t know what do for attention. She really need to see a psychiatrist.”

Another wrote, “I’m embarrassed for you.”

Danielsen, as fans may recall, appeared on “16 & Pregnant” with her daughter, Farrah Abraham, along with “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom OG.”

Danielsen Released a New Song

This isn’t the first time critics have been harsh towards Danielsen.

In November 2021, the actress and singer released a new song called “Going Off” which was featured in the holiday Instagram video. The chorus is, “I’m going off tonight/I don’t need you on my side/I want you out of my way/Because you’re blocking my shine.”

Danielsen is known by her rapper name, Debz OG.

The video has 904 views as of December 22, 2021.

Debra Danielsen: Debz OG Master | Official Music VideoDebz OG is an inspiring and creative music video kicking off Debra Danielsen's new record label D&G Productions. Debz OG was filmed in Jackson, MI and provides encouragement for listeners to be all they were created to be. BE YOU! Do YOU! and change the WORLD. The Debz OG music video was filmed in conjunction…2017-02-22T17:35:56Z

Sadly, the latest news is that Danielsen has no relationship with her daughter or granddaughter. In October, she told The Sun, “We’re not speaking today, so that’s very sad, and I miss my granddaughter…I pray to God that my daughter is happy and healthy, and I do want [our] relationship to be happy and healthy.”

She continued, “I want to be able to hug her and hold her and tell her I love her. That’s very important to me, and I want my Sophia to know that she is still the sparkle in my eye and I will always love her and I miss her.”

Asked how the show affected her relationship with her daughter, she added, “I would say the show created an atmosphere of entitlement, that a person could do anything they wanted to do without regard or respect for their family or their parent, and so it created almost a monster situation.”

In the interview, Danielsen added she did not “exploit” her daughter, but rather tried to “help” her. “I threw myself in front of the bus I don’t even know how many times, and I never took anything, not one dime ever, and I had to pay for things in the background and I financed everything.”

These days, Danielsen appears to be focusing on her acting career. In August 2021, she appeared in the movie poster for the film, “Three Corners of Deception,” which can be seen here. In the picture, Danielsen is wearing a lab coat and glasses.

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