Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Opinion on Casey Anthony Resurfaces in New Documentary

Casey Anthony Dr Drew

Getty Celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky had a quick cameo in the new Peacock documentary called "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

Celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky had a quick cameo in the new Peacock documentary called “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.”

The series investigates the 2008 death of 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, where Casey Anthony was acquitted in 2011 of charges of murder, manslaughter, and child abuse. Anthony has always maintained her innocence in Caylee’s death.

“Where the Truth Lies,” directed by Alexandra Dean, includes multiple interviews with Anthony — who was 19 when Caylee was born — and some of her psychologists.

Pinsky, known for his podcast and television appearances — notably with MTV’s “Teen Mom” — also makes an appearance in the documentary. Peacock used a clip from Pinsky’s HLN show in 2011 where he interviewed Dr. Harry Krop, one of Anthony’s forensic psychologists. Krop met with Anthony four times at the request of her attorneys.

“Does she have borderline traits… What we call borderline traits for sociopathic traits?” Pinsky asked Krop in the scene.

The celebrity psychologist wondered if Anthony had Axis II and Borderline Personality Disorder. Personality disorders are no longer coded in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), according to Psych Central. 

Krop told Pinsky that Anthony didn’t exhibit traits of mental illness when he examined her. “No, she doesn’t have those traits, either,” Krop answers.

“That’s impossible! I can’t believe that! Wait, doctor, I can’t believe that,” Pinsky said. “She’s created a vortex. She’s a chronic liar. She’s engaging in criminal behavior. How is that possible?”

Heavy reached out to Pinsky for comment on his interview being used in the documentary but didn’t hear back.

Krop Said He And Pinsky Had a ‘Combative’ Exchange


Krop briefly addressed his interaction with Pinsky.

“We had a little bit of a combative back-and-forth when I was on that show,” Krop said in the Peacock documentary about his appearance on the HLN series in 2011.

Even though Pinsky didn’t seem to agree with his evaluation of Anthony, Krop said “bottom line, she didn’t have those types of disorders.”

Anthony claims she was sexually abused by her father, George Anthony, and her brother, Lee Anthony.

“She indicated her father sexually abused her extensively as a child and I did believe that Casey was sexually abused, which is what the other psychologist heard,” Krop said in “Where the Truth Lies.”

“The testing shows these intrusive images,” he continued. “That she has under stress or when she talks about the sexual abuse. She was fairly detailed.”

George Anthony denied the allegations against him in court, per People, and charges were never brought against him. Lee Anthony also denies the allegations against him.

Krop Argued That Anthony Was ‘Immature’

It’s been more than 10 years since Krop sat down with Anthony, but the doctor hasn’t changed his opinion on her mental state.

“I don’t believe she has any diagnosable mental illness,” he maintained. “She’s an intelligent woman but she’s also an extremely immature woman.”

Krop claimed that Anthony doesn’t understand her own actions.

While Caylee was missing during the 31 days, she didn’t appear to be grieving the way the public expected. Anthony got a tattoo that said “Bella Vita.” The media published pictures that showed her partying with friends, allegedly taken while Caylee was missing.

“You have to understand that the Casey I have been involved with… She herself has a difficult time truly understanding how she could have been so immature and how she could have engaged in the behavior that the public has seen so much of her.”

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