Dr. Drew Gets Slammed by Teen Mom Star

Drew Drew

MTV Dr. Drew Pinsky came under the fire from one "Teen Mom" star after hosting the most recent reunion special.

Dr. Drew Pinsky came under the fire from one future Teen Mom star after hosting the most recent reunion special. Ashley Jones, who is reportedly joining the Teen Mom 2 cast now that Chelsea Houska is leaving, accused Dr. Drew of “instigating” drama on the show, as noted by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. She even went as far as to call the board-certified internist a “disgrace.”

“Dr. Drew messy ass need to drop the ‘Dr.’ [from his name] and just call himself a Wendy Williams cause he’s a disgrace,” wrote Ashley, who previously appeared on MTV’s Young Pregnant. “[Drew is] sitting up there old as my Papa instigating little girl drama for the last however long… Surely as a Dr., his medical contributions can be greater.”

Ashley, who made the comments during an Instagram Q&A session with fans, said Dr. Drew should focus on helping people instead of making “drama” between young women. “Point blank he needs to go try to really rehabilitate people instead of starting drama between girls who are young enough to be his granddaughters. F***ing disgusting,” she said.

Dr. Drew Said He Was ‘Pissed & Said’ Chelsea Was Leaving

Dr. Drew was surprised to find out that longtime Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea is leaving after more than 10 years with the series.

“Am I the only one who is both pissed and sad?” he asked when the pregnant mother-of-three made her announcement. “My question is — and I have a mix of emotions and I’m sort of keeping a lid on them at the moment — but why?!” he said. “Why are you doing this?”

Chelsea said that it was “time” for her and her family to leave the series. “Watching this last season, I was getting a bad feeling in my stomach,” she explained. “It just feels like it’s time to close the chapter. I’m almost 30. I’m having my fourth baby. It just feels like the right time.”

Dr. Drew Was Slammed by Netizens Over COVID-19

Being slammed by Ashley isn’t the first time Dr. Drew has faced backlash. Back in April, Dr. Drew issued an apology after he compared the novel coronavirus to seasonal flu. He had appeared on multiple talk shows where he made the conjecture and accused the media for causing hysteria.

“My early comments about equating with influenza were wrong. They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that and we were wrong and I want to apologize for that. I wish I got it right but I got it wrong,” he said at the time.

“What I did not get wrong was every time I took a position I said to make sure you listen to Dr. Fauci because he is the person we must look to. He was my guiding star during the AIDS epidemic and he should be your North Star now,” he continued, referring to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “I said that every time I took a position.”

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