Teen Mom Star’s Ex Released From Prison

Teen Mom

MTV Police said he stabbed a man in the stomach on April 3.

Drew Brooks, the ex-boyfriend of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Rachel Beaver, was released from prison on June 28, The Sun first reported.

Police said Brooks, 22, stabbed a man in the stomach area on April 3. He was arrested and charged with attempted homicide, Heavy confirmed.

As part of a plea deal, Brooks’ attempted homicide charge was dropped to reckless aggravated assault and he pleaded guilty, which comes with a two-year sentence at the Tennessee Department of Corrections, according to page 4 of court records obtained by Heavy.

Brooks was given two years of supervised probation after his prison sentence was deferred, The Sun wrote.

Brooks is not allowed to contact the victim, Kodie Mason, as part of his plea deal, according to court documents.

Mason Accused Brooks of Stabbing Him

Mason told police Brooks stabbed him.

“Mr. Mason stated that he was in an altercation with Drew Brooks at his home…” reads the Probable Cause Affidavit, submitted by Detective Jason Fillvaw. “Mr. Mason stated that during the altercation, Mr. Brooks stabbed him in the lower left stomach area.”

Mason claimed there were other people who saw the incident.

“Mr. Mason also stated that there were several witnesses to this incident. I did make contact with two witnesses who gave similar accounts to what occurred,” the Probable Cause Affidavitsays. “I then responded to the address of the incident and did locate a medium-sized bloodstain on the dirt road where Mr. Mason said the stabbing took place.”

As shown by the Monroe County circuit court docket, Brooks’ arrest history dates back to 2018.

He was first found guilty of a crime in September 2018 when he was charged with felony property theft of $2,500 to $10,000 and found guilty.

In 2020, Brooks faced a slew of more charges after he violated probation and was hit with a felony charge of reckless endangerment, and another felony charge for evading arrest, the court docket says. As reported by In Touch Weekly, Brooks pleaded guilty to simple possession and evading arrest.

Beaver Said Brooks’ Friend Was Her Daughter’s Father At First

Brooks and Beaver share one child together, 3-year-old Hazlee.

In the beginning, there was some uncertainty as to whether Brooks was Hazlee’s biological father, with Beaver thinking his best friend, Jacob Russell, had fathered the baby. She later confirmed Brooks was Hazlee’s father.

Beaver, 20, is appearing in the current season of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant,” which aired on June 28.

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I hoped Jacob was the father,” Beaver said on “Teen Mom.”

“We thought she could have been Jacob’s at first because I kept changing the conception date and all that,” Beaver told her mom. “That’s what kills Jacob. I’m like, I’m sorry I led you on to even think the possibility but she’s not yours.”

“Jacob can’t stand the fact that I’m having a kid with his best friend and he just doesn’t want to get attached,” she said in a confessional. “He’s had me blocked for almost a month now and I don’t think he’s coming back.”

Beaver later said she always knew Brooks was the father.

“I’ve known my baby’s father from the jump,” she said via Instagram stories, according to In Touch Weekly. “Quit asking me who her dad is. Her father is clearly Drew.”

“I just said she was Jacob’s because I was [dumb] and wanted a family so bad, and Drew didn’t want to be there for her and Jacob did,” Beaver continued, as written by In Touch Weekly. “I literally lived with Drew and had JUST broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant.”

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