‘Embarrassing’ Teen Mom OG Wedding Moment Resurfaces

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MTV A clip of "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie Edwards at Maci Bookout's wedding to Taylor McKinney was unearthed by fans in the "Teen Mom" subreddit. Pictured: "Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards.

A clip of Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards at Maci Bookout’s October 2016 wedding to Taylor McKinney was unearthed by viewers in the Teen Mom subreddit. Fans have been sharing their favorite Teen Mom moments, with the scene where Mackenzie catches the bouquet during the toss making the top of the list.

The 14-second video shows Maci in her wedding dress and throwing the flowers, with Mackenzie — the girlfriend of Maci’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards — being one of the few people on the dance floor for the toss. Seeming excited to get married to Ryan, Mackenzie jumped and grabbed the flowers to the dismay of one of the other guests. Ryan also looks upset about the situation, as received some pats on the back from his father, Larry Edwards.

Mackenzie and Ryan went on to get married during a ceremony in a private ceremony the following year. Ryan was infamously filmed nodding off while driving to the wedding, with Mackenzie grabbing the wheel at one point. He later went to rehab to get help for his drug addiction.

Viewers Said the Clip Was ‘Embarassing’

During the clip, Mackenzie’s underwear was briefly exposed. While some people chatted about the “embarrassing” moment her dress cropped up, others were confused why Mackenzie wore a T-shirt dress to the formal event. Others remarked that Ryan looked uncomfortable after his future bride caught the bouquet, which traditionally means that person is the next to get married.

“From the diaper panties flashing, to the overly jumping for joy, to Ryan’s squinty eye…idk what’s most embarrassing,” lilB1rdee wrote.

“B**** got flubber under her shoes or something,” kris10leigh14 said. “Feel bad for the girl in the blue dress who Maci was throwing it to, whoever that was — she was PISSED.”

“I’m not being rude but why were they even invited? I know he is Bentley’s dad (occasionally) but it’s his ex’s wedding?” cbakapeiehnak wrote. “It’s not like they have a great co-parenting relationship. It’s just. Odd.”

Mackenzie Posted About The Hate She Receives on Social Media

Last month, Mackenzie, 24, shared a screenshot of a post that showed some of the negative messages she receives on Instagram. The trolls disparaged her looks and parenting, while also accusing her of doing drugs with Ryan.

“So the reason that I posted that message wasn’t to say woe is me or feel bad for me, or anything like that. But the point is you never know what someone on the opposite or receiving end of that message is going through,” she said on her Instagram story. “It could be what sends them right over the edge.”

“So you always need to be careful saying stuff like that to people and stuff like that is not ok,” the mother-of-three added. “I’m sorry. I’m not about cancel culture but I am about canceling stuff like that. Sad.”

She and Maci have been feuding over social media, with Maci saying Mackenzie wasn’t willing to stand up to her at the reunion. Reports about the special have circulated, claiming Maci and Taylor got into a heated with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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