Fans Slam Maci Bookout’s ‘Drunk’ & ‘Depressing’ Dinner

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MTV "Teen Mom OG" fans slammed Maci Bookout after the season finale aired on November 24, 2021.

“Teen Mom OG” fans slammed Maci Bookout after the season finale aired on November 23, 2021. Some viewers speculated Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, might abuse alcohol after they had a “depressing” dinner during a kid-free getaway.

Bookout shares 13-year-old son Bentley with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. She also has two children with McKinney: 6-year-old Jayde Carter and 5-year-old Maverick.

A fan on Reddit posted a discussion thread about the scene, titled “Maci and Taylor’s Depressing Dinner,” and garnered more than 200 comments.

“Even I can’t find anything positive about that dinner besides Taylor trying so hard,” the person wrote. “Literally everything out of Maci’s mouth was depressing and at times enraging.”

“How drunk [was] she when she said she’d be fine without him?” they continued. “I know they’ve had their issues but was anyone surprised how bad it all went or have I just totally not been paying enough attention to these two?”

Some fans said the couple needed to go to counseling and reevaluate their drinking. “It’s not for me to say whether they’re alcoholics or not, but it does seem like they drink too much and it’s not helping either one of them or their relationship,” a popular comment read.

“It’s so sad, the cycle of alcohol abuse,” said another social media user. “You drink to feel better, and you do temporarily, but if you don’t take a break from alcohol it just fogs your brain and body.”

Bookout Admitted Dinner With McKinney Was ‘Awkward’

While at the bed and breakfast during their childfree trip, Bookout rolled her eyes and chastised her husband for chewing too loudly when he was eating a Panzanella salad.

Afterward, they went outside to have drinks by a fire.

“Dinner was a bit awkward so I’m going to make a bit more of an effort to connect with Taylor because it’s been tough,” the “Teen Mom OG” star said during a voice-over.

Bookout told her husband the past year has been tough, and asked him why he wanted to stay with her. In October 2020, Bookout was involved in a fatal shootout at a Chatanooga, Tennessee, gas station.

She has been suffering from PTSD after the deadly incident and at times has been unable to get her own gas or pick up her oldest son from activities because the route she would need to take to get him goes past the gas station where the shooting happened. McKinney stepped up by filling up his wife’s gas tank and taking care of Bentley.

Bookout Said She Would Be ‘Okay’ Without McKinney

With all the stress that’s occurred, Bookout asked McKinney why he stayed with her.

The “Teen Mom OG” star said it was because he loved his wife, but Bookout wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “But I mean I love a lot of people that I can’t fricken stand,” she said.

“But it ain’t your answer. It’s my answer. You can tell me your answer. That’s my answer,” McKinney told her. “I love you so if I want to fight for you because I love you that’s what I’m fighting for.”

McKinney then asked Bookout why she wants to stay married to him. After some silence, Bookout said it was because she liked McKinney. “I’d rather put up with your s*** than not have your s*** to put up with,” she said. “That’s marriage. Find that person.”

When McKinney said “cheers to that” and “we made it,” Bookout responded, “barely.”

The couple had different responses about what their lives would be like if they weren’t together.

“It’s crazy ’cause I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t meet you and wasn’t married with three children,” McKinney said. “Like I can’t even picture it.”

“You really can’t imagine? I know I’ll be okay without you,” Bookout answered. “I would be alone with Benny. That’s it. Simple as that. I didn’t — I don’t like people. So, the fact that I even liked you was impressive.”

The scene ended with an expletive from McKinney. “Here’s to another five years, babe,” he said. “F*** you.”

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