Fans Upset With Briana DeJesus Following Conflict

Briana DeJesus

Getty "Teen Mom" star Briana DeJesus generated a discussion among fans after she faced a conflict with her boyfriend, Bobby Scott.

“Teen Mom” star Briana DeJesus waded through conflict with her boyfriend, Bobby Scott, on the November 29 episode of “The Next Chapter.” It was the first obstacle shown on MTV.

It wasn’t immediately clear what went down, but DeJesus didn’t like the way Scott avoided her for a few days after she sent a concerning text message.

“It sucked not hearing from you,” DeJesus told her partner.

“I think I probably read your text message for probably four or five days to make sure that I understood every part of it. You seem like you needed some space and some time,” Scott explained.

DeJesus felt like her boyfriend left her hanging.

“But when I tell you that I’m sad and I’m not okay, it wasn’t like you tried to investigate it or tried to figure out a plan with me,” she said.

Scott saw the situation differently. “You remember what I wrote you?” he asked her.

“You said, ‘I’m here,'” she reminded him.

Scott said there was more to the text than that.

“No. I said, ‘I love you and I’m here. I would like for you to be okay. I would love to help walk you through it but you gotta be able to put your burdens down,” he said, clarifying his statement.

DeJesus said Scott was blaming her. “You can’t blame all this on me. It feels like that,” she told him. “I think it takes two to make a relationship work.”

Scott denied that he was criticizing the “Teen Mom” star. “No, no,” he told her. “I’m not blaming anything on you. I’m not.”

Rumors swirled that DeJesus was dating someone in July after she posted the back of Scott’s head on Instagram.

Some Fans Thought DeJesus Was Being Unreasonable

Some social media users on the official “Teen Mom” Instagram page didn’t agree with the way DeJesus handled the situation.

One of the most popular comments was from a “Teen Mom” fan who wrote DeJesus was being too vague with Scott about her emotions.

“Brianna he’s not a mind reader. You could’ve clearly expressed your thoughts. You have to grow up ma’am,” they said.

Another top response came from someone who thought DeJesus was being unreasonable. “OMFG!! Run dude! She’s beyond needy,” they wrote.

There was also a subset of people who called for MTV to fire the “Teen Mom.”

“I’m so sick of her. MTV needs to cancel her & bring back Devoin,” they penned, referring to Devoin Austin, the father of DeJesus’s 11-year-old daughter, Nova.

DeJesus Once Gushed Over Scott

DeJesus previously said she felt the relationship was stable.

“I’m in a relationship. I’m happy, and I feel like this is my first real, mature relationship,” she told Page Six in August. “I feel like in the past I’ve dated without purpose, and now I’m dating with purpose… I’m enjoying my life right now, and there’s a lot to come.”

But the relationship didn’t come without ramifications.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, some people were “pissed” about the relationship. Scott used to be a bodyguard for “Teen Mom” stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra, but he was dismissed from his position when he started dating DeJesus.

“Producers, crew members and even some of the cast members are pissed,” an insider told The Ashley. “Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong.”

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