Farrah Abraham Alleges Almost Being ‘Stabbed’ by Man with Gardening Tool

YouTube/TMZ Farrah Abraham talks being attacked.

Farrah Abraham spoke to Howie Mandel for one hour as part of his podcast, “Howie Mandel Does Stuff.”

During the interview, she shared that she was almost “stabbed” by a man with a gardening tool.

“I was walking down the street in Beverly Hills in confusion, and some guy was gonna stab me with a shrubber shredder! And he’s in jail right now.”

Mandel was confused by the weapon Abraham mentioned. “A what?” he asked.

“A shrubber shredder,” Abraham reiterated.

The former “Teen Mom” star added that she believes the man who targeted her was homeless. “And he probably stole that from, like, a gardener,” she said.

When Mandel said that he felt bad for bringing up the sensitive subject, Abraham replied, “I’m resilient. I have grit and I’m– don’t feel bad– I’m really grateful.”

She concluded, “That’s why I went to the trauma center, to figure out what it was that [is drawing this negativity to me].”

Here’s what you need to know:

Abraham Spent 28 Days at a Trauma Treatment Center

On March 1, 2022, Abraham informed fans she was checking into a trauma treatment center for 28 days.

In the TikTok video seen above, Abraham announced she would be off of social media during her time at the center. “I am taking time for my healing,” Abraham shared. “I have ignored people for over 11 months after having a sexual assault and having my whole body break down, my whole brain break down.”

On April 5, 2022, Abraham spoke to TMZ about the program. She described the experience as “life-changing.”

“It didn’t only make my year… it made my life,” she said.

“I’m twelve-step life happy,” Abraham continued. “Blessed, successful, grateful, moving on.”

Her time at the center also inspired Abraham to pursue a career as a stand-up comic. She told TMZ, “I think I’d really appreciate my voice in stand-up comedy.”

Abraham shared that she “may” be involved in “some of the festivals coming up.”

She added, “I want it to be a surprise. I want to have some fun with everyone.”

Farrah Abraham: ‘I’ve Been Attacked like Four Times’

During her interview with Mandel, Abraham said of entering the trauma treatment center: “[I went because] in this past year I’ve been attacked like four times and they were horrific— from a sexual assault to some guy randomly handcuffing me to myself.”

She continued, “I had to go to jail, and being on sets for work and being attacked again. That’s probably why I’m a little bit done with reality TV. I don’t like being attacked anymore.”

Abraham previously told TMZ that things got heated during her time on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

In December 2021, Abraham said of her experience: “I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves. Do not sneak attack a woman,” she said. “Do not gang up on a woman.”

Asked if that meant there was “physical drama” on set, Abraham replied, “Yeah and I think people shouldn’t physically attack you– especially after Covid.”

More recently, Abraham was arrested outside a restaurant called Grandmaster Recorders in Los Angeles, California, after witnesses alleged she slapped a security guard, according to In Touch Weekly.

Abraham later shared the full video from the night of her arrest on Instagram, as seen above.

In the caption, she wrote that the arrest was a conspiracy: “I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold. I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto livebad who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a ‘private persons arrest’ complete setup.”