Farrah Abraham Vows to Adopt From Ukraine

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham said she would adopt Ukrainian children after posting about the war between Russia and Ukraine on May 23.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham said she would adopt Ukrainian children after posting about the war between Russia and Ukraine on May 23. Abraham has talked about adoption in the past, first saying she wanted to grow her family in 2015.

“I will adopt Ukrainian children — no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for being who they are or where they live,” Abraham wrote on Instagram.

Since undergoing trauma treatment in March, Abraham has vowed to help others who suffer from mental illness.

“Military who use their uniforms to rape youth & adults, who try to hurt, break, ruin society, create mental illness, ptsd, & torture should no longer exist on the planet,” she continued.

“I  pray for trauma healing for all rape victims around the world. Ukraine you are stronger than all of Russia & you are amazing, strong, courageous people,” the “Teen Mom” alum finished.

Abraham is the mother of one child, 13-year-old Sophia.

She revealed she was going to a treatment center in Texas after an incident that occurred outside Grandmaster Records in Hollywood. The star was detained under a citizen’s arrest after a security guard accused Abraham of hitting her.

Abraham denied the allegations.

Her lawyer, Kia Feyzjou, appeared in court on Abraham’s defense, but charges were not immediately filed against her.

“My attorney Kia Feyzjou is monitoring the case, and, as of today, no criminal charges have been filed against me, and if they choose to, we will aggressively defend against these ‘frivolous accusations,’” she wrote on Instagram.

Feyzjou told Heavy the Los Angeles District Attorney has up to a year to file charges against Abraham, though the longe they wait the more unlikely it becomes.

Abraham Denounced Sexual Abuse by Russian Troops

Abraham shared a news article that claimed, where Ukrainians accused Russian troops of rape. It wasn’t immediately clear what news outlet she cited, but the Washington Post reported about the allegations in a May 5 story.

“No one should ever do business with Russia EVER AGAIN!” Abraham wrote. “All of Russia should be charged & sentenced to death. Do not sexually assault people f****** cowards! Military needs to face criminal charges immediately.”

“Get rid of Putin and his rapists immediately,” Abraham wrote, including a GIF of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Ukrainians you are worth more than all of Russia!” the mother-of-one continued. “Russians be prepared for what follows sexually assaulting babies, youth & elderly.”

Abraham Said She Was Adopting in 2015

It’s unclear if Abraham will go through with the adoption process. In 2015, she told Us Weekly that she was in the middle of expanding her family — but the adoption never happened.

“I’m happy to confirm I’m moving forward in my adoption process. This means I will be making some changes in my career to welcome a new addition to my family,” she said at the time. “Very excited, and this feels so right. I’m very blessed for this opportunity.”

Abraham said Sophia was open to the process.

“Sophia is in the right frame of mind and is very supportive as well,” Abraham told OK!. “She is very open and accepting to understanding that someone else had other parents, and we would be their second parent and be a loving family to them.”

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