Farrah Abraham ‘Blessed’ after Being Told by Restaurant to Put on a Shirt

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham is ready for a new career path.

Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram Story to vent after being told to put on a shirt at a restaurant. At the time, she was only wearing a bikini top.

“I was told to put on a top,” she told her followers.

Abraham added that she thought the encounter was “really rude,” but said she decided to view the interaction with positivity. “That just means I have enough boobs that actually bother people.”

Abraham continued to showcase her shirt and cleavage in the Instagram Story.

Abraham’s restaurant incident comes just days after she uploaded a photo of her bare butt to social media.  The 30-year-old’s experience at the Miss Hudson Academy was posted on the company’s Instagram account; the photo can be seen here.

In the caption, Abraham stated she was undergoing a “booty correction.” She wrote, “Unhappy with the outcome we reconstructed the booty, adding symmetry and projection bringing everything back into #shape. Finishing with the Signature #Snatched Package; Covering the following areas; Jawline & Cheek Correction, Rhinoplasty, Lip Correction, Brow Lift (using filler)”.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Split on Sophia Abraham’s Wardrobe

In the Instagram Story, Abraham sat next to her thirteen-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham.

Recently, Sophia has been the subject of scrutiny, herself, for her fashion taste. In an Instagram Story that is no longer active, according to The Sun, Sophia showed off black leather combat boots with a huge heel.

On Reddit, users weighed in on the outfit choice.

Some were in support of Sophia, like one user who wrote, “Platforms were popular when I was around her age and tons of kids wore them. I had a pair similar to these but matte black without the chain detail. The platform part tends to make the heel look higher than it is. Depending on the material some of them are surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in. I think it’s good Sophia is allowed to express herself and develop her own sense of style.”

Many echoed those sentiments, writing, “Too young to wear fun shoes? Sophia is cool and I think it’s great that she’s allowed to experiment with her personal style.”

Others, however, were not supportive of the look. “She looks like a 5 year old playing dress up in her moms closet.”

“Isn’t she a little too young for this?” another wrote.t

Farrah Abraham Exits Trauma Treatment Center

In early April 2022, Abraham left a 28-day stint at a trauma treatment center.

In an Instagram video, she shared that he had the “best time” at the center.

“I hope everyone gets to work on themselves, get trauma work. It is essential for us to function in our very hectic lives, in our very traumatic environments.”

Abraham subsequently shared in an interview with TMZ that she hopes to foray into comedy.

“Comedic relief is everything that we need,” Abraham told TMZ, adding that she thought she would like to lend her voice to stand-up comedy.

“I think I’d really appreciate my voice in stand-up comedy.”

She said she hoped to participate in some upcoming comedy festivals, but had not yet set a date for her first live performance.

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