Farrah Abraham’s Butt Injection Video Causes Uproar

Farrah Abraham

MTV Some viewers on TikTok were not pleased when they saw a video of "Teen Mom" alum Farrah Abraham getting butt injections.

Some viewers on TikTok were not pleased when they saw a video of “Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham getting butt injections at AFL Beauty Bar.

At one point, she placed her hands on the wall while a physical placed filler into her behind while she was wearing a gold thong and jean jacket. “The cowgirl’s ready for some horse riding,” Abraham told the camera after her injections were completed. “Look at that side action, don’t be jealous.”

The clip, which has more than 140,000 views, made some social media users wonder why the video was allowed to remain on the site.

“@tiktok seriously why is this allowed by my videos get taken down for community guidelines… messed up,” one of the most popular responses said.

“How is this ok but we all get banned for simple stuff,” another person wondered.

Abraham responded to the comment, saying she “abides by policies.”

When another person asked TikTok how long it would be before Abraham’s video was removed, she said, “Why it’s medical and professional. Haters take a day off and fix your @$$.”

Abraham does more on TikTok than post about her cosmetic procedures. In her most recent update, she answered questions about her time on “Teen Mom.” She explained that she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore and doesn’t keep in contact with any of her former cast members.

Abraham said she’s “evolved” since she first appeared on the series in 2009.

Abraham’s Daughter Defended the ‘Teen Mom’ Alum

Abraham, 30, didn’t just receive criticism about the video on TikTok. It also caused some uproar on Instagram after she posted the same clip.

While there was backlash for sharing the cosmetic procedure online, Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter came to her mom’s defense.

“I HAVE THE BEST WOMAN AS MOM, who. Is everything and more and I totally think my mom is body goals,” Sophia Abraham said. “Health and happiness is  No. 1 for moms who work so hard. For all who act like you can speak for me go get mental help.”

“You’re not her child but you wish you were,” the preteen added. “Sorry you’re damaged by your parents but I’m not. SAVE THIS IN YOUR PHONE SO YOU DON’T FORGET.”

Abraham Accused ‘Haters’ of Giving Her Memoir Negative Reviews

Abraham, who refers to herself as a New York Times best-selling author, lashed out after her memoir received a less than two-star review on Amazon. 

“Dream Twenties: A Self-Guided Self-Help” memoir garnered 44 reviews, but Abraham claimed the negative comments came from trolls.

She took a screenshot of her book’s reviews and posted it to Instagram. “Haters leave me more negative comments,” she wrote, according to screenshots obtained by The Sun. “I’m shocked to see your trying to better yourself.”

The most popular review garnered more than 100 upvotes on Amazon.

“I would not recommend this ‘book’ to anyone. I don’t even think it is fair to books, to call this a book,” it reads. “I did appreciate the footnote in the beginning that informs the reader that any and all spelling and punctuation errors are because she was using her phone (not because she just don’t know how to spell).”

The person ended the review by saying they were “dumber now” for reading the memoir.

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