‘Teen Mom’ Star Teases Gig on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Dancing With the Stars

Getty Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham teased that she would be on "Dancing With the Stars."

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham teased that a stint on “Dancing With the Stars” could be in her future.

“Getting ready and look what I found, some ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dance shoes,” Abraham said via Instagram Stories on February 20. The former “Teen Mom” star held up a pair of brown heels.

Abraham, 31, was vague in the video, but she might not be in active negotiations with ABC just yet. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be on a dancing show — let alone ‘Dancing With the Stars, even though I’m fabulous,” she said. “I mean, F for Farrah fabulous —  but I’m not gonna lose hope in the universe because there’s just that energy.”

“Why was I given these dance shoes if I’m not gonna be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? So, I don’t know,” she continued. “Keeping the faith ‘cause I’m Farrah and I see dancing at some point in my future.”

“Dancing With the Stars” was picked up by Disney+ for season 32 in April 2022, according to Good Housekeeping. TikTok star Charli D’Amelio — along with her professional partner, Mark Ballas — danced away with the Mirror Ball trophy at the season 31 finale. The release date for the new season wasn’t announced yet, but “DWTS” typically airs in the fall.

Heavy reached out to Abraham for further comment but didn’t hear back.

Abraham is best known for her appearance on “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom OG.” She gave birth to her daughter, 14-year-old Sophia Laurent, in 2009.

Abraham was fired from the series in 2017 after she started to work in the adult entertainment industry, according to Us Weekly.

In 2013, she appeared in a “sex tape” with adult star James Deen — whose real name is Bryan Sevilla — called “Backdoor Teen Mom.” Two years later, Abraham claimed to the Daily Mail that Deen “drugged and raped” her, allegations that Deen denied during an interview with the Daily Beast.

Fans Didn’t Support Abraham’s Dream

“Teen Mom” fans on Reddit were exactly supportive of Abraham’s potential dancing gig.

A viewer of Abraham’s video claimed her post was solely aspirational. “My guess is that she wishes. I honestly don’t think she could hack the work that needs to be put into it, the partnership or the criticism she would receive each week,” they said.

One fan didn’t think it would be that big of a deal if Abraham landed the gig. “Well DWTS is for washed up has beens so she’d fit perfectly,” they wrote.

Another social media user who thought Abraham was delusional. “She lives on another planet at this point,” it reads.

Abraham didn’t directly respond to people who criticized her “Dancing With the Stars” dream, but she did call out people on social media who left disparaging responses in the comments section on her Instagram page. 

“I’m laughing at the negativity that comes from self sabotaging thought processes … I hope you all find authentic eyes soon,” she wrote in one post.
“Please look at every negative lost girl in these comments and see that they are still stuck in hatred & I pray that they see how much work they need to do in order to live their best lives , not holding themselves back from them selves, others & the goodness of God 🙏 AMEN,” she said in another. “WHEW 😅 A lot of lost souls in these comments 🙌.”

Abraham’s Mom, Debra Danielsen, Calls Her Daughter Out

Debra Danielsen, Abraham’s mother, did a new YouTube interview with her daughter’s high school friend, Tyler Cooksey, where they weighed in on Abraham’s abuse claims, her sex work and her father, Michael Abraham.

“We often hear Farrah talk about how she was sexually molested and she had a really rough childhood,” Danielsen claimed in the video. “I don’t even know what all she’s been saying. I want to go on the record and say: Farrah comes from a very privileged background…”

The “Teen Mom” grandma claimed Abraham talks about the trauma she suffered for attention. ”When she needs a boost or something, or wants to drive empathy or she needs people to care about her, she wants to drive sympathy she’ll come up with some far-flung, fantastic thing,” Danieslen said on YouTube.

Though Abraham has said she was the victim of abuse, Danielsen blamed her daughter for having fractured relationships. “Very few people have really done Farrah wrong, it’s really more how she doesn’t accept people or actions, or is very unskilled at conflict resolution,” Danielsen claimed in the YouTube video.

In March 2022, Abraham checked herself into a trauma center.

“I have ignored people for over 11 months after having a sexual assault and having my whole body break down, my whole brain break down,” she said in a social media video at the time.  “No matter your traumas — whether they are physical or mental, people see them or don’t see them — I wanted to take the time and say I am grateful for my family for hanging with me this year in one of my hardest years.”

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