Farrah Abraham Posts Scathing Yelp Review of Gynecologist

Farrah Abraham

MTV Farrah Abraham is claiming that things got physical on the "Teen Mom: Family Reunion" set.

Farrah Abraham is at it again with another Yelp review. On December 22, 2021, the former “Teen Mom” star posted a scathing blurb about a gynecologist named Ayanna Walden.

Abraham wrote that Dr. Walden is a “woman hater” who “wanted to refuse [her] service.”

She continued, “The worst experience I’ve ever witnessed an OBGYN especially on a holiday . I hope this woman seeks mental help and Almond network is aware that she should be removed . The dump of a office, the elevator not working, the scam parking attendant and walking up 3 flights was literally the worse experience. My allergy to birth control should never be handled this way I wouldn’t trust this woman with my life ! Be aware of this woman hating, know-it-all, discriminatory , denialed Pathetic practicing scam of a OBGYN. Hostile and hateful. WATCH OUT!”

As usual, fans jumped on the opportunity to critique Abraham’s grammar use.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users Slam Abraham

On Reddit, people slammed Abraham for writing yet another one-star review. One user wrote, “I don’t understand WHY Farrah feels the need to treat everyone like sh** and terrorize people. And don’t give me the excuses that she was a abused child or teenager. I’m so sick of people excusing her.”

Others made fun of her grammar — specifically her use of the word, “denialed.” Someone commented, “Yelp should ‘denialed’ her account for incoherence.”

A third wrote, “Whenever I read a Farrah word salad, I think of the person on the other end who had to deal with Farrah.”

Of her 98 reviews, Dr. Walden has four out of five stars.

A more recent review of the doctor reads, “Dr Walden is the most amazing loving caring doctor ive had experienced. Never had a doctor like her before. She always takes care of me and looks after my needs. I wouldn’t change her for the world.”

This Is Not the First Yelp Review Abraham Has Posted

As fans may recall, in August 2021, Abraham posted a Yelp review of Harvard Extension School.

In the review, the reality star wrote she was: “#1 discriminated to the highest level by being locked out of my zoom for a course I payed for by the teacher Patricia Bellanca and Dean Robert Neugenboren with no one answering emails.”

She continued:

… as a masters student you pay a higher tuition then everyone else yet share a class with sophomores in high school, associates, and bachelors levels. This is a ivy league lawsuit, scam, fraud. I had to dispute my tuition after the teacher claimed I had a neurological issue yet my other course I was asked to guest speak with effortless A. I would advise Harvard is not a safe nor credible school to attend. Educational abuse, deny student education, unsafe , discriminate, slander and poor mental health and writing and center help. Their own teachers do not know how to teach online! Hypocrite, scam , illegal ivy league joke. Harvard can sell their logo but not their education as they offer nothing to really produce in the real world. Also due to Harvard purposely taking my status of attending for my education on & off of LinkedIn like an untrustworthy scam educational institution that they are it made news with my name, how pathetic people can not even get peace to show their education that far is greater then a Harvard logo on LinkedIn.

In late August, Abraham threatened to sue Harvard. She spoke to TMZ about being kicked off of a Zoom course by her teacher and since her dean did not address the matter, she threatened to sue the school for what she called “abusive” treatment.

So far, there have been no updates on whether or not Abraham followed through with the lawsuit.

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