Farrah Abraham Posts Bizarre Halloween Video With Daughter

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham raised some eyebrows when she shared a new TikTok video that featured her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham raised some eyebrows when she shared a new TikTok video that featured her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia. Abraham showed herself getting ready for Halloween and did a dance routine to the popular TikTok clip, “Pamela Punkin’s Halloween Workout” by Laura Clera.

“Hi, y’all. I’m Pamela Punkin, and you’re about to do Pamela Punkin’s Halloween workout,” the song starts. “Shake off the Skittles. Shake off the Reece’s, shake off those candy corns.”

This part of the video is innocuous enough, with Abraham getting her hair done by her hairdresser and then dropping candy into a clear bowl.

The next part of the song and video is what some viewers found bizarre. Clera sings, “Now ride the witch’s broom, ride the witch’s broom, ride the witch’s broom.” Both Abraham and her hairstylist appear to grind a boom across the room. Sophia, on the other hand, wields a fake knife while dressed as Ghostface from “Scream.”

Abraham, 30, claimed her “favorite” part of the “workout” is the line that says, “Squash Satan, kick him in the crotch, kick that Satan in the crotch. Zombies to the left, zombies to the right.”

While Abraham said she enjoyed the part of the video where she kicked Satan, some social media couldn’t get past the scene with the broom.

“Um not supposed to thrust the broom Farrah,” one of the most popular comments under the TikTok video said.

“Thrusting on camera comes naturally to her,” another person dissed.

“Dang… almost lost that broom, huh?” a third person added.

Not everyone was against Abraham’s video. Some people said they enjoyed the clip, writing things like: “OMG lol this was so much fun” and “too cute.”

Sophia & Abraham Celebrated Halloween With Multiple Looks

The “Teen Mom OG” alum and her daughter celebrated Halloween all throughout October, posing as different characters throughout the month.

In a post on October 31, 2021, Sophia wrote that she and her mother dressed up in one final costume. “My mom did the #bratzdolls look with me #halloweencostume time!” she captioned a video of their look.

Some commenters wrote that they felt sorry for Sophia. “This kid is depressing,” one person wrote. “Bless your heart. So sorry for you. You deserve better…” another added.

Other fans have wondered what would happen to Sophia when she grew up. “I really hope Sophia writes a tell-all memoir one day,” they said.

Fans Said Abraham Was Being ‘Inappropriate’ With Sophia

Some people on social media said Abraham was being “inappropriate” with Sophia when she allowed the 12-year-old to dress as an “e-girl” for Halloween for a September 30, 2021, event in Los Angeles. An “e-girl” is often considered a girl who is online and hot, as noted by Vox.

For the ensemble, Sophia wore fishnet stockings with black chunky boots, along with a black vest, black skirt, and a white longsleeved shirt.

Abraham, on the other hand, dressed as Lola Bunny from “Space Jam.”

“The bunny butt is so crazy,” the “Teen Mom OG” alum said while wiggling her backside.

The mother-of-one then turned the camera toward her daughter. “We got some e-girl spins, do a little spin,” she told Sophia. “The whole look, it looks fabulous.”

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