Farrah Abraham Threatens to Sue Harvard University

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham is not letting Harvard kick her out without a fight.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham is not letting Harvard kick her out without a fight. The former MTV star claimed she was discriminated against, referring to herself as the “most person of color” during an interview with TMZ. She also said she was the victim of educational abuse and accused the prestigious university of being a “joke” and a “scam.”

Abraham, 30, enrolled in Harvard University’s online summer classes in June, The Sun wrote. She was taking Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard Extension School, according to her LinkedIn profile. However, on August 22 “Teen Mom” fans discovered a disparaging review on Yelp written by none other than Abraham.

“Harvard is a joke. It is a scam. That’s my Harvard review. I feel very sorry to see it,” the mother-of-one told TMZ, claiming the university was “abusive” toward her. “I was the most person of color in the class. Everyone else was super white.”

“I will be taking legal action against Harvard,” Abraham told the outlet. She said she tried to get in contact with someone at the university after her professor, Patricia Bellanca, advised her to drop the class, but no one answered her calls. Abraham argued she was forced to write a negative review because of her poor experience.

“I sadly had to write a review on Niche, on Yelp on Google Maps ’cause no one was getting back to me,” the Iowa native told TMZ. “I think if you want to silence someone’s voice and not actually respond to someone reaching out for help to remedy the problem — like a normal civilized citizen would do — I see that I’m not working with good people and Harvard is a very abusive school.”

Abraham Compared Herself to Lizzo

Abraham reduced her Harvard professor to being one of her “millions of haters” and compared herself to Grammy-award winning artist, Lizzo.

“I literally had to tell her to get in line with all the millions of haters. Like Lizzo has to deal with haters, I have to deal with haters in education,” the “Teen Mom OG” alum told TMZ. “Like the educational abuse for all students… Harvard’s system is like completely wrong. It’s abusive.”

The ex MTV star claimed Bellanca tricked her by saying she could turn in an assignment without editing it. “Educational abuse is when a teacher tells you don’t worry about checking it over, it’s a class activity, just send it over to me,” Abraham said to TMZ. “Don’t proofread it, don’t do anything. It’s a class activity.”

“As soon as I get off the class, she then sends me an email and urges me to stop the course, talks about financials, she doesn’t want to take all of my money,” Abraham said. “I have the email. I have the proof.”

Abraham Insiunated She Was Smarter Than Harvard’s Professors

Abraham argued Harvard isn’t reputable after all.

“Maybe it’s the midwest girl in me who’s from Iowa, but I’m a hard worker by nature. And just because you have an ivy league checkmark by your name, just because Harvard has systemically mentally, psychologically screwed us all up to thinking they’re the most prestigious ivy league — they’re not,” she told TMZ.

She then claimed she was more “savvy” than Harvard’s professors.

“If I can go to a program and I can teach the program, if I am more tech-savvy than their teachers, if I know what I’m doing way better than their whole system is, I think their academic standards are out of date,” she said to the outlet. “They’re old. They’re archaic and they need to update their system.”

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