Farrah Abraham Rants About Maci Bookout & ‘Womanizers’

Farrah Abraham

MTV Farrah Abraham claimed "Teen Mom" put women in "vulnerable situations" and slammed the network as "pathetic."

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham wasn’t going to step away from “Family Vacation” without having the final word. In a lengthy statement posted to her Instagram story on February 16, the mother-of-one said “Teen Mom” took “advantage of her” and her fellow co-stars.

“Teen mom will forever show me how society takes advantage of teen moms, single moms. Funny how production tries to make life choices for grown a** women against their will,” she said. “That is against the law. Life is not an edit — that is abuse I will not normalize.”

When the show aired on February 15, it seemed like Abraham made the decision to leave on her own. Co-star Maci Bookout repeatedly told her there was a spot for Abraham at the retreat if she wanted to be there, but Abraham said she missed her daughter — 12-year-old Sophia — and was ready to “wrap” things up.

“I guess I’ll have to take the time on my own but it’s not a good time right now to say hi or bye or connect. I really miss my daughter,” Abraham told MTV cameras in a confessional. “I cannot wait to get back into my life again.”

When Bookout returned from her meeting with Abraham, she told them “Farrah left” even though she tried her best to get her to stay.

She told a different story on Instagram.

“Furthermore, I was made to leave via woman abuser Dia Sokol and Paramount had to handle the contract breach per usual with these failed filmmakers,” Abraham said. “When I speak — I speak to production, not to the teen moms on this show who will say anything and mistreat anyone to keep a failed show going… In spite of me? …enjoy the weight that looks really torture some.”

Abraham Claimed Bookout Is ‘Manipulated’

Abraham seemed to hint that Bookout wasn’t aware of what goes on behind the scenes.

“None of the moms including Maci knows what goes on as I said I was open to meeting for therapy & gave Maci a gift,” Abraham wrote. “Hilarious how much Maci allows herself to be manipulated and that could be why she feels she’s not enough: life coach lesson.”

“They have non teen parents on the show to even take more advantage of teen parents work — so pathetic. Overall I’ve done more life coaching and executive functioning work on myself,” she continued.

Abraham Said There’s ‘No Point’ To Surround Herself With Negativity

At the bottom part of her diatribe, Abraham wrote it was imported to take care of oneself.

“I support investing in yourself as I’ve shown my entire life. Like my therapists say, ‘why surround yourself with people who are always negative’? THERE’S NO POINT,” she said.

The former “Teen Mom OG” star is thankful for the good and bad things that have come her way.

“I’ve always supported people who dislike me and I thank the universe for the good and the bad that has helped me truly show what real women’s perspectives sound and look like,” she wrote. “Not ones from women who hate women and womanizers. Our world deserves far more credible tv shows that do not put women in vulnerable situations. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER.”

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Russell Jenkmr
Russell Jenkmr
5 months ago

although fans have been worried about the artist leaving the show in the near future since she dropped hints about big things coming in her career soon

Russell Jenkmr
Russell Jenkmr
5 months ago

larkson is likely staying on “The Voice” for an upcoming season, although fans have been worried about the artist leaving the show in the near future since

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