Farrah Abraham’s Dad Talks About Her Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham

Getty Farrah Abraham's dad, Michael, talked about making "lemonade" from "lemons."

Michael Abraham said his daughter, “Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham, was able to make “lemonade” out of lemons.

He was referring to Abraham’s sex tape with adult star James Deen, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” which was released in 2013. At first, Abraham denied the tape was planned, but later admitted she hired Deen to participate in the video.

“Premise of film is a girl from Nebraska wanting to model life after Kim Kardashian so she hires a production company and makes an authentic sex tape with a professional porn star as her co star and later claimed it was leaked/stolen only for her film costar to come out and tell this was Farrah’s plan the entire time,” read the description on the Internet Movie Database. 

In January 2022, Farrah Abraham, 30, has faced backlash after presumably making a video of herself defecating in a jar. She has denied it was authentic and maintains it was only a joke, but she now is selling “poopie slime” on her website.

Michael Abraham defended his daughter online, according to screenshots shared by Teen Mom Chatter.

“The first comment shows someone talking about Abraham “selling her s*** with a red bow.”

Then another social media user tagged Michael Abraham, and said, “The porn tape? Not a big accomplishment Mick.”

“Really it is … she made lemonade out of a ‘lemon’ situation…. And made more than both Kim K and Paris Hilton tapes… and that was over 10 years ago… grow up… move on … we have,” Michael Abraham answered.

The post on Teen Mom Chatter solicited a response from “Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones, who wrote, “This is creepy.”

Abraham has one daughter: 13-year-old Sophia.

She briefly appeared on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” but left after getting into a fight with several cast members.

Abraham Sold Her Video to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5M

According to Abraham’s version of events, she hired Deen — whose real name is Bryan Sevilla — at the suggestion of her friends. She then sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million, according to the Daily Mail.

Abraham claimed she agreed to do the tape with Deen because she wanted to embrace her sexuality.

“A lot of my girlfriends who are back home have done personal sexy shots, sexual videos, feminine things showing their sexuality and being happy for themselves,'” Abraham told Entertainment Tonight in May 2013, per the Daily Mail.

‘Here I am the same age or younger as most of my friends, and I’m like “Why am I not [as] happy with myself as they are? Why am I not doing this for me?”‘

Abraham Later Accused Deen of Rape

Two years after their sex tape went viral, Abraham became the eighth woman to accused Deen of rape.

“James Deen raped me for his benefit of fame. He conspired against me with others that I thought were my friends at the time and that was very hurtful,” she told the Daily Mail in 2015.

“I let it all go and I wanted to move on; due to the public and others in the media believing an abusive womanizer, sex addict, disgusting, unprofessional, adult entertainer’s lies,” she added.

Adult star Stoya, who previously dated Deen, was the first woman to come forward and accuse Deen of rape. He denied the allegations, calling them “false and defamatory,” according to Buzzfeed News. He added, “I respect women and I know and respect limits both professionally and privately.”

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