Farrah Abraham Treats Herself to Butt Injections For Mother’s Day

Farrah Abraham

Getty Leave it to Farrah Abraham to find an alternative way to celebrate Mother's Day.

Leave it to Farrah Abraham to find an alternative way to celebrate Mother’s Day. The “Teen Mom OG” star shared a video on Instagram on April 29 where she showed herself getting butt injections in Beverly Hills with Dr. Babak Moein, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

“Mother’s day laughs brought to you by laughing gas,” Abraham, 30, said in the video as she breathed in nitrous oxide through a tube, per In Touch Weekly and The Sun. “It’s in there. I’m so excited moms, check it out.”

Abraham has become known for experimenting with her looks over the years.

She’s been changing her appearance since she was 19 years old, getting her first procedure — a breast augmentation — in 2010, according to OK! Two years later she went under the knife again. This time around she got a rhinoplasty (nose job) and chin implant.

The mother-of-one said she was thrilled with the result.

“I finally feel gorgeous,” she told In Touch in 2012. “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again.”

Over the years, the “Teen Mom OG” alum has also had lip injections, butt injections, and at least two breast augmentations.

Abraham might have spent up to $130,000 on plastic surgery, The Sun reported.

Abraham Has Some Plastic Surgery Regrets

Abraham might have loved her new nose, but she wasn’t thrilled when she woke up from her plastic surgery in Bal Harbour, Miami, with Dr. Michael Salzhauer and had a chin implant.

“Yes, it’s true, I got plastic surgery and with that responsibility and freedom, there is a lot I learned,” she wrote in her memoir, “Dream Twenties,” cited by The Sun.

“I am grateful I got to show or document pretty much my first to my last procedure publicly. That includes even the mess-ups,” Abraham penned, per The Sun. “There will be those insecure times with plastic surgery, where it’s not like the amazing boob job that just changes your world where life is going to stay sunny and pour money all over you, no I’m talking about when I got a chin implant.”

Abraham Wants to Help Trauma Survivors

Abraham spent 28 days in a rehab facility in March 2022 to treat the trauma she’s endured. Since returning home, Abraham has embraced the 12-step process and now she wants to help others overcome their battles.

Abraham said she was “certified” to help trauma survivors.

The “Teen Mom OG” alum was inspired to reach out to her followers after she saw misinformation about how to “cope” with being “triggered” on social media.

“It’s about to be May, mental health awareness month, and I’m gonna give you a mental check,” Abraham said on April 28.

“Reading on Instagram does not help you to do the work to cope with your trigger points, your PTSDs, your traumas. It’s about writing it down, it’s about doing the work, 12-step principles people,” the “Teen Mom OG” alum added. “It works. I mean, it can’t not work if it’s part of our human condition, of how to regulate, how to reconnect, how to get back our inner child.”

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