Farrah Abraham Compares MTV Employees To Harvey Weinstein

Farrah Abraham

Getty An unearthed video shows former "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham comparing MTV employees to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham compared MTV employees to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. The video was originally posted in 2017, but resurfaced after a new Instagram rant mirrored the original.

Abraham hurled insults and accusations again at MTV in a September 24 post, where she referred to herself as a widow and claimed the network fired her because she wanted to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. While both posts are similar, Farrah went further in the first post by saying she had to deal with “Weinstein company behaviors” when working with MTV.


“It’s disgusting and it’s hateful to the core,” Farrah says at the 2:45-minute mark of the video. “I will not be sex-shamed. I will not be verbally sexually assaulted. I will not deal with any Weinstein company behaviors of power trips, manipulation, with all these accomplices around trying to screw over talent, trying to manipulate talent.”

“All the accomplices who are associated with fake firing me–the malicious hate crimes, sex-shaming, women-hating, for saying you’re a feminist and for women–you’re trying to fire women,” she added. “You want to break people at the core, ruin their self-esteem.”

In a statement for Heavy, Abraham denied “pursuing a career in the entertainment industry,” saying it was a “fabrication” created by MTV producer Morgan J. Freeman. She maintained she had a relationship with adult star James Deen. The duo released Backdoor Teen Mom, which Farrah said was a released sex tape.

“When other famous men have relations with adult stars–as Farrah did with a man whose career is in adult entertainment–that does not mean careers are sexually transmitted,” the statement said, adding that Farrah was “very taken advantage of.”

It’s Unclear Why Farrah Attacked MTV Three Years After Being Fired

It’s not known why Farrah shared the new post, but she again slammed MTV and Freeman. She accused Freeman and MTV of sexism, scripting Teen Mom OG and sex-shaming. However, Farrah noted MTV asked her to come back to the network post-Teen Mom, where she appeared on Ex on the Beach in February 2019.

“It’s weird how men try to make a widowed famous teen mom out to be a porn star yet their the ones who watch porn and I didn’t switch careers nor is a career sexually transmitted,” she wrote. “Clearly poor type casting example again.”

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Viacom Legal Confirms I have not been fired, I have not breached my contract”. Why has filming stopped?! Morgan J Freeman of 11th St productions is unprofessional, fake, women hater, press hungry,Sex Shaming, Hate Crimes, Poor Business Practices , unsafe working environment & accomplists Dia Sokal anxious 11 production , Viacom associate pill popping Larry Musnik , & Executive promoted alcohol binger producer Kirsten Malone, taking advantage and acting as a friend to spread jealous , hate crimes to the other teen moms & influence a toxic unsafe working culture, that’s why I don’t share a stage, I have security, I’ve gone to therapy! Do not beat up, instigate physical fights, ruin and break a women’s self esteem, degrade women, this hate this criminal behavior bad business practices end today! My daughter , my family,my self have all suffered for the contrived, malicious hate crime against me. God is great as I have rose above and am success beyond all of these set backs! I look forward to sharing more in my first #BussinessBook 📒 Thank you for making this world a better place with me! #BossMom #Ethics #viacom #mtv #teenmom #mtv #hatecrimes #farrahabraham #children #moms #fake #hate #crime #feministhate #feminist #womenempowerment (SEE MORE ON #snapchat & #youtube )

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“The rest of the women on crew infected with the evil neuroses created fake scenes, drama, disrespected my parenting, disregarded my boundaries from counseling and created fights in front of my daughter,” Farrah continued. “This mom chooses her child over everything.”

Farrah alleged Freeman took advantage of minority women. “Sad your own production owner makes his life earnings off ruining and riding teen mom coattails and wrongly fires [women],” she wrote. “I hope his child & wife see him for his true hateful self– [a] white privilege [male] taking advantage of [a] minority woman.”

Farrah’s Mom Said They Would Be Interested In Returning To ‘Teen Mom OG’

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1. MORGAN CALLED ME AFTER THIS & gave me an ultimatum Teen mom or Adult Entertainment & I chose “FARRAH ABRAHAM” ladies becoming of age journey does not ever mean you have to succumb to a mans mediocrity like the other weak teen moms have in every way. 2. I was told by Ben Hurvitz at Viacom to have fun on this show after they wrongly fired my 8 year female story producer for no reason yet other moms have their producers as god moms of their kids & the rest of the female executives were gone who supported female perspectives. Odd Morgan’s choice of words and lying to my face and the world about who I am, the hardest worker, a woman whose been kicked when she’s down, who shows kindness and giving but I’m not giving my life to false story and failed justice and against the reason I joined this show. It’s weird how men try to make a widowed famous teen mom out to be a porn star yet their the ones who watch porn and I didn’t switch careers nor is a career sexually transmitted. Clearly poor type casting example again. 3. The rest of the women on crew infected with the evil neuroses created fake scenes ,drama, disrespected my parenting, disregarded my boundaries from counseling and created fights in front of my daughter. This mom chooses her child over everything. 4. On top of being fired on a day I wasn’t scheduled to work and production not finishing out their own contract I boiled this down to white male privilege, careers are not sexually transmitted, I do not have to conform to gender norms, and like the fellow woman who wish to have my fame, wealth, life and strength and instead live in a failed reality of “family,friends, on a crew” entertainment business is strictly business, as always talent on my past shows have learned from me if you want a better contract, legal protection, professional atmosphere then business is business. Not a network family – it’s business. 5. It’s pathetic Teen Mom never grew with their lead talent (myself) My brand shows beyond woman not having to conform to gender norms, not allowing reverse physiology from privileged men, that I’m blessed to be the 1 woman out them all who wanted better for all of the network

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While Farrah went on to slam MTV and Teen Mom OG, days earlier her mom Debra Danielsen told Heavy in an exclusive interview that they might be interested in returning to the series that made their family famous.

“I know that sounds kind of odd, but the reason I say that this is we all started together. We kicked off the franchise. It was about us, right? ” she said. “So I do miss everybody. I miss the girls. I miss the kids and I miss the producers too.”

But getting everyone to agree might not be easy. “I think we would all go back to Teen Mom if we could,” she said. “I’m going to put this in terms that are probably hilarious. But, you know, it reminds me of Spock from Star Trek. I think we need to have a Vulcan mind-meld to get things going here. It’s like we can’t get people to see eye to eye, and … there are good people on each side.”

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