Farrah Abraham Responds to Claims She Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ in New Photo

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham has been open about her plastic surgeries.

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham was accused of looking “unrecognizable” in a new photo posted to Instagram stories. While hundreds of fans commented on the reality star’s appearance, Farrah wasn’t so sure she agreed with social media users.

Farrah, 31, shared a post from Life and Style that said, “New look? 👀 #TeenMomOG alum #FarrahAbraham has fans claiming she looks “unrecognizable” in a new selfie.”

Farrah liked the post and then shared it on her Instagram story. She only had one word to add, writing, “Hm…” and included an emoji of a thinking face.

Heavy reached out to Farrah and her rep, Joy Hollum, to see if she had any further comments.

Fans on Reddit Claimed Farrah Looked Unnatural

Farrah’s been open about the procedures she’s had done in the past, but some fans on Reddit started to worry the former “Teen Mom” star was beginning to look fake.

Most of the comments were about how Farrah looked like she was wearing a mask.

They said things like:

She looks like she’s wearing a cheap Halloween mask of herself. I can’t believe that’s what she looks like. She was a very pretty girl and now she’s a terrifying looking woman.


Bro every time I see her she looks more and more like a purge mask.

Farrah Slammed a Hair Stylist on Yelp

The original poster didn’t set out to start a discord about Farrah’s appearance. They created a thread to talk about a social media user who claimed she tried to scam a hair stylist.

According to the person, who remains anonymous, Farrah paid $3,000 to get hair done before she went on vacation. She apparently loved the work — she had Keratin treatments, highlights and extensions done — but when she went to Hawaii two days later, she complained that her extensions fell out and canceled the payment with her credit card company.

She then went on to leave a poor review on Yelp, something she’s become notorious for.

The story lines up with a one-star Yelp review Farrah gave to Lena Salon in Austin, Texas.

“Never pay this scam artist upfront and don’t allow her to smooth talk you,” Farrah wrote in her Yelp review. “Lena is a disgrace to the hair profession and should not be allowed to ever touch another persons head ever again. Fraud.”

Farrah alleged she reported Lena to the Texas Board Of Cosmetology. “My hair is ruined I wasted $2,900.00 or more dollars Lena went silent and never sent my money back after refusing to take corporates replacement hair and just fixing the disaster she created,” she penned.

Lena responded to Farrah’s critique, accusing the “Teen Mom” star of being a liar.

“Stop the lied and drama Farrah,” the business owner wrote at the beginning of her response. “You’re an adult now and can take the responsibilities for your action. Stop blaming on  other because you want your way.”

“I had toned your hair, style it and you love it! There was no hair falling out because I had check it,” she added.

Lena called Farrah a “monster” and begged to her to “stop the madness.”

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