Farrah Abraham Makes a ‘Scene’ at Restaurant in TikTok Video

Farrah Abraham

YouTube Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham caused what fans called a “scene” at a restaurant while celebrating her birthday in a recent TikTok video.

In the video, Abraham asked a waiter for a candle when her dessert was delivered, and when she did not receive one, she approached the restaurant staff. Abraham said, “Hi you’re texting and talking not getting a candle & singing happy birthday. Give me a candle I don’t work here.” At that point, the manager intervened.

In the end, Abraham got her wish and was given the dessert with both a candle and a song.

In the comments section of the TikTok, Abraham’s followers criticized her behavior. One person wrote, “Wow still acts like she entitled and needs to be treating ppl that way smfh.”


🎂Don’t ruin the tradition! #birthdaysong & candle at a restaurant ! when you lie to a #gemini♊️ #geminiseason #birthdaysong #birthday #itsmybirthday May 31st don’t forget to wish me happy birthday or else ! 😂🎶🎤🎂 #fyp #fy #motivational #farrahabraham love @MissHudsonsAcademy 🎂

♬ Birthday – Twista

Another added, ” bring your own candle if you still want to make a scene for your birthday.”

And a third weighed in, writing, “I would quit as soon as she walked in.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Abraham’s Followers Weigh In on Reddit

On Reddit, users slammed Abraham’s behavior.

In a thread titled, “Farrah celebrates her birthday by posting a video of herself accosting restaurant workers on TikTok,” one person wrote, “The hand motions she’s making while addressing the employees, at their work station! F***ing sickening! If you’re unhappy with the service: wave down a manager and complain -ask for the check to pay and leave, leave a lower tip to reflect your disappointment. BUT DON’T F***ING come at people like that. They’re on the clock and value having a job. That’s the only reason she’s getting away with that disrespect. Catch someone who’s working their last shift there and has no care for whooping your a** and find out! She’s vile!”

Another weighed in and wrote, “As a fellow server I guarantee she was nasty the entire time so that’s why the server played dumb & didnt being her the candle good for her. I’d do the same.”

And a third chimed in, “Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve gone out to eat with someone this sh***y; I forgot that this genre of a***hole gets super riled up by service staff gasp talking to their coworkers or looking at their phone.”

Abraham Insisted She Is Adopting a Child from Ukraine

Abraham recently made headlines after writing that she was going to “adopt Ukrainian children” in an Instagram Story.

On May 23, Abraham wrote on the social media platform, “I will adopt Ukrainian children — no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for being who they are or where they live.”

She continued, “Military who use their uniforms to rape youth & adults, who try to hurt, break, ruin society, create mental illness, ptsd, & torture should no longer exist on the planet.”

Abraham recently finished a one-month stint at a trauma treatment center. In an interview with TMZ after leaving the center, she shared that she now hopes to pivot to comedy.

“Comedic relief is everything that we need,” Abraham said.

On the subject of her time a the facility, Abraham told TMZ, “I would say my experience was life-changing. It didn’t only make my year… but it made my life. So I’m not gonna cry because I’m just so happy and grateful.” Asked what she learned in her time there, Abraham shared, “I learned how to move past stuck points and trauma so that way I could be resilient. I could have grit– I could not let legal problems that have bothered me all the time get to me.”


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