‘Teen Mom’ Alum Admits to Daughter Taking a Pregnancy Test

Farrah Abraham

Getty The "Teen Mom OG" star was trolled by fans after her 12-year-old daughter posed with a pregnancy test on Instagram.

The “Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham was trolled by fans after her 12-year-old daughter Sophia posed with a pregnancy test on Instagram. Despite receiving backlash from fans, Abraham defended her decision, saying her tween daughter has gone through puberty and needs to learn about sex education.

“Oh, my God. The world is speeding up on me,” Abraham, 30, told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview on June 19. “When tweens go through puberty, they need to learn, first of all, about pregnancy tests. So I needed to let her know stuff because I am all about healthcare. And I am not about shaming.”

Abraham — who became pregnant with Sophia when she was 16 — reasoned it was important for her daughter to be knowledgeable on the subject of sex.

“Young ladies deserve amazing bodies,” she told the publication. “You want to feel good. You want to feel competent. You should play around with the fun pregnancy test. Pee on it.”

Abraham said her daughter had an “amazing” reaction to the conversation. “I’m fun,” Abraham reasoned. “Like, who wouldn’t be OK with talking about sex with me?”

The “Teen Mom OG” alum first made her reality TV debut on “16 and Pregnant” in 2009. Her daughter’s father, Derek Underwood, tragically died in a car accident two months before Sophia was born.

Abraham went on to star in several seasons of “Teen Mom OG,” but was fired by executive producer Morgan J. Freeman in 2017 after she pursued a career in the adult entertainment industry. She was replaced by Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

Abraham Started Having Sex Talks With Sophia Last Year

The recent admission is not the first time Abraham revealed she had talked about intercourse with her daughter.

“To be honest with you, it’s really only been prompted by all the other parents not really having those talks,” Abraham told Us Weekly in July 2020, when Sophia was 11.

The MTV personality said Sophia told her about things that were discussed among her friends, and Abraham wanted to provide her daughter with clarity.

“That has kind of sped up the conversations that I have to have with my daughter, because of boys in her age group, and or, at her sleepovers with her girlfriends who have brothers,” Abraham explained.

Abraham Was Slammed for Allowing Sophia to Pose for a Pregnancy Test Ad

Abraham sent “Teen Mom OG” fans into a tizzy when Sophia posed with a pregnancy test with Modern Fertility in early June.

The tween wore white-rimmed sunglasses for the picture, which contained gifs that read “OMG” and “wink wink.”

A post on Reddit about the incident, which captured a screenshot of the incident, garnered dozens of comments from fans.

“This is so beyond disturbing!” one person wrote. “Someone needs to save Sophia before it’s too late!!!”

“Is this Sophia holding what is obviously set up to look like a pregnancy test? Oh my,” another person wrote. “I never really had a problem w the clickbaits but this is beyond bizarre.”

Other fans were worried about Abraham’s daughter. “Sophia has absolutely no one in her life looking out for her & it’s honestly depressing,” they said.

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