Farrah Abraham’s Dad Releases Statement About Sophia

Farrah Abraham

Getty Michael Abraham, the father of "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham, responded to Debra Danielsen's "fear" for granddaughter Sophia after the MTV star's arrest.

Michael Abraham, the father of “Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham, responded to Debra Danielsen’s “fear” for their granddaughter, 12-year-old Sophia.

Farrah Abraham was arrested outside Grandmaster Recorders — a rooftop bar in Hollywood, California — not long after midnight on January 16. A security guard at the establishment wrote on Instagram that Abraham “hit” her and video of the incident, first posted by TMZ, showed Abraham struggling on the ground while she was detained under a citizen’s arrest.

Abraham, 30, was charged with misdemeanor assault, booked into jail and released the same night, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records.

She is scheduled to appear in court on May 19; however, she denies the accusations against her and wrote on Instagram that she was “attacked.”

Danielsen, in turn, said she was “afraid” for her granddaughter, Sophia, and that Farrah Abraham would have to face “consequences.”

Michael Abraham took a different stance.

In a series of Facebook comments that were shared by the fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Michael Abraham defended his daughter.

“I will post this… there is no reason for Debra to fear Sophia,” Michael Abraham wrote, according to the fan account. “My family is always there for Farrah and Sophia… stop the BS.”

Heavy reached out to Michael Abraham for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Michael Abraham Wants Fans to ‘Stop Spreading Lies’

According to Teen Mom Chatter, Michael Abraham wrote that Farrah Abraham never “touched anyone” and that she was a “great” mother to Sophia.

“Farrah dies and has always taken responsibility for things SHE REALLY HAS DONE… it accused of doing… as for suing people that’s our business and we don’t threaten anyone/organization without actual merit, cause, and reason,” Michael Abraham wrote, according to the screenshots. “That’s a fact.”

He wrote the arrest was something that could be a learning experience for his granddaughter.

“As for Sophia it’s a great lesson for Sophia,” Michael Abraham wrote, according to Teen Mom Chatter. “It teaches her about consequences people will face for their actions … just like Farrah did when she got pregnant.”  

One fan asked what “playing the single mother card” had to do with the situation.

“Everything when you get set up,” Michael Abraham wrote, a screenshot showed, echoing Farrah Abraham’s claims that there was a plot against her. “First off my daughter never touched anyone… just want till the facts and investigations are done… stop spreading lies.”

Farrah Abraham & Danielsen Are Estranged

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Danielsen and Farrah Abraham haven’t been on the best terms.

Danielsen told The Sun Farrah Abraham always plays “the victim.”

“I’m afraid for my Sophia and am always praying for a miracle,” Danielsen said to The Sun. “Bad behavior has consequences, and you have to treat people with respect. People who don’t have to get corrected.”

Days before Farrah Abraham’s arrest, Danielsen opened up about why they are estranged.

“You know, I had to make a choice that I need to be treated with some common courtesy, and I need to be treated with some respect,” she said in a YouTube video.

“And if that’s not happening, then that means I don’t respect my own self,” said Danielsen, who goes by the rapper name DebzOG. “So I had to call a timeout, and I had to say, look, I can’t put up with this.”

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Christina Bacon
Christina Bacon
3 months ago

How would you know what happened, were you there when your daughter did this? You can’t sit there and say that she didn’t do this if you weren’t there to see it…your daughter needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions, her attitude and looks aren’t going to get her out of everything…

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