LOOK: Farrah Abraham Shares a Big Sophia Milestone

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Getty Farrah Abraham & daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham of “Teen Mom” fame shared a milestone for her daughter Sophia via a fun TikTok video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Farrah Abraham Shared a TikTok of Sophia’s First Day of 8th Grade


#firstdayofschool @Sophia Abraham is officially a 8th grader! #back2school OMG ! Summer went by fast! #schooldesk #farrahabraham #sophiaabraham

♬ After School – Weeekly

“#firstdayofschool @Sophia Abraham is officially a 8th grader! #back2school OMG ! Summer went by fast! #schooldesk #farrahabraham #sophiaabraham,” Farrah wrote in the caption.

The video shows Sophia sitting behind a glass wall at a desk. Written on the glass is “Sophia’s 1st day of school” in lime green paint. Like a typical teenager, Sophia looks annoyed as Farrah films her from every angle in what appears to be a virtual classroom setting.

Fans flocked to the comments sharing their reaction to the video.

“What in the hell happened to these two?” someone asked. Another fan replied to the comment writing, “It’s not ‘what happened two these two?’ Farrah dragged her into this.”

“I’m looovving that Farrah let’s her express herself,” a fan wrote alluding to Sophia’s grunge style, colored hair and piercings.

“shes going to harvard law like farrah lol,” another fan wrote.

“love how the preppy cheerleader from 16 and Prego grows up to have an emo kid,” someone pointed out.

“8 grade?! Already! Did I miss a chapter,” a commenter asked.

“Why isn’t she in school?” a fan asked. Many other fans stepped in to clear up the poster’s confusion. “She is in school. What are you talking about?” someone wrote. Another fan replied, “Clearly she is in school , but at home” and another said “Last year I had my kids homeschooled. I would always get asked this question. Homeschool kids are in school they just do it at home.”

“One thing about Ferrah (SIC) she is a great mom!” a fan wrote.

“hard to believe she is in 8th grade,” a fan pointed out.

“Love it….we are a homeschooling family and it’s a amazing ride!” someone wrote.

“Wow 8th grade! I take it this is online schooling?” someone asked.

“Wealthy kids do school different,” a fan said.

“whatever we think about the mom but she let’s her kid express her self and be who she wants is awesome, as it should be…” someone else wrote.

“I can’t believe we was literally kids when she was born , & we watched her grow up,” a fan lamented.

“What’s up with the glass box,” someone asked.

“shes growing up so fast ..beautiful,” another person wrote.

“she’s growing up into such a beautiful young girl,” a fan said.

“8th grade already! Wow! Seems like she was just a baby two weeks ago,” someone wrote.

Farrah Abraham Shared a Collection of Images From Sophia’s Summer Camp Experience: ‘Her Favorite Summer Ever’

On August 8, 2022, Farrah shared a collection of photos taken while Sophia was away in summer camp.

“So proud of @sophialabraham,” she wrote in the caption. “Summer Camp was a success, Sophia had one epic #summer22 to remember ! From songwriting to performing on stage at the theatre, to script to screen showcase at the cinema ! Family time & disconnecting from the world … this all started with Sophia not wanting to go but ended up her favorite summer ever! New friends, loving her passions & taking a break! #momlife #ilovemylife #bestsummerever.”

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