Farrah Abraham Reveals If She’s ‘Open’ to Sophia Getting a Tattoo

Farrah Abraham

Getty Sophia Abraham got her septum pierced to celebrate her 13th birthday.

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham didn’t mind when her daughter, Sophia, turned 13 and got a septum piercing, but that doesn’t mean she feels the same way regarding tattoos. Abraham doesn’t have tattoos and doesn’t want her daughter to have one either.

“Sophia has definitely been making me try to try to make me go into tattoo parlors lately and I have no idea what that’s about,” Abraham, 31, told In Touch Weekly.

“Sophia has been asking about tattoos and I do not have them. I’m not saying anything bad about tattoos. My friends have them. People have them,” Abraham told In Touch, adding she’s “not open” to Sophia getting inked.

Sophia Might Not Be Getting Anymore Piercings Either

Abraham thought it was the right decision to go with her daughter to get her first piercing. She made sure everything was legal and in order, but Sophia might not be getting another piercing in the near future.

The “Teen Mom” star said Sophia lost her birth certificate, which needs to be presented in California when an underage person is getting a person — along with their parent’s consent.

“Right now, Sophia’s on house arrest since she doesn’t know where her birth certificate is,” Abraham told In Touch Weekly. “No more piercings, not likely to get tattoos.”

As far as Sophia’s septum piercing, she doesn’t think her 13-year-old did anything wrong.

“Some of Sophia’s friends were not lucky enough to have a mom to go with them and they did do their nose piercing at home and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s scary,” the former “Teen Mom” star told In Touch Weekly. “If it’s not permanent and if it’s legal, I support it and I would be there. Sophia has her cousins getting nose piercings now. Like there’s just nose piercings everywhere.”

Abraham Faced Backlash For Sophia Chatting With Strangers Online

Sophia has her own “Subscribe Group” on Instagram where she said she would share “private” things will followers.

“Look forward to chatting, posting fun food recipes, family fun. Pet love, style and beauty,” she wrote.

Some fans online thought it was inappropriate after Sophia promoted a “giveaway” and asked people to send her private messages as a way to enter the raffle.

“Subscribe to help me see your messages and let me know all the fun stuff I should share on private Subscribe !” the teenager wrote. “Happy to have a more positive subscribe area to keep Instagram negativity out.”

Despite the backlash, Abraham was worried about Sophia’s social media activity.

“Sophia’s still doing her giveaway with the rose company & Farrah is all about chat safe with subscribers,” Abraham told Heavy in a statement.
At the time this article was published, Sophia and Abraham did not announce the winner of the giveaway.
Abraham quit “Teen Mom” again in 2021 after she appeared on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” for a few episodes. It’s unclear if she will return in the future.
To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.


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