Farrah Abraham’s Real Teenage License Photo Has Fans Abuzz: ‘She Was So Beautiful’

Farrah Abraham

Getty Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham had fans abuzz when she posted a side-by-side picture to Instagram that showed her teenage license photo.

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham had fans abuzz when she posted a side-by-side picture to Instagram. She showed her teenage license photo, which was taken when she lived in Iowa, next to her current one, which was taken now that she lives in Austin, Texas.

She struck out her personal details and was inspired to talk about why it was so hard for her to obtain her license.

“To see the me that had to take her drivers test over 4x because I didn’t know that mental struggles were separate from physical,” Farrah said. “I just thought I was a ‘late bloomer’ to now seeing the me today who knows mental health, understands she has type #ADi who now helps her daughter study for her own first drivers test.”

Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, is 14. In the state of Texas, students can sit in the classroom for driver’s education lessons, but they can’t apply for a learner’s license until they are 15.

In an email to Heavy, Farrah explained that “ADi” stands for “attention deficit inattentive disorder.

“I now know I have #ptosis which affected my drivers test, i just love I have the education and words! I now can see not only in me but others dna differences within shining outward,” she continued. “I love knowing I can help me and others.”

Ptosis is a condition that can cause the upper eyelids to droop. Though it sometimes happens to people when they get older, children can be born with it.

Fans on Social Media Had Mixed Reactions to Farrah’s Photos

There were various responses to Farrah sharing her photos and talking about her ptosis diagnosis.

There were some people who had nice things to say, writing that Farrah was beautiful as a teenager and that she looked great in her new photo, too.

“She was so beautiful 😭,” one fan said.

Others thought it was “interesting” that she tied in her mental health diagnosis with struggling to get her license.

“Folks, go check out the IG post. The words are…interesting. She keeps referencing her mental issues but really is talking about droopy eyelids,” they penned.

On Instagram, some of Farrah’s followers were confused by her words. “None of what you just wrote makes any sense whatsoever,” reads the top comment.

Farrah Was Accused of Looking Drastically Different in a Christmas Tree Selfie

Farrah posted the license pictures days after fans said she looked “unrecognizable” in a Christmas tree selfie. The snap sent fans into a frenzy, with some people thinking she was wearing a “Halloween mask.”

Though people on Reddit seemed to think the former “Teen Mom” star looked unnatural, she only had one thing to say about it. She shared a story about her appearance written by Life & Style and simply wrote, “Hm.” 

Farrah has been open about her foray into plastic surgery. She’s had multiple breast augmentations, gets injections into her lips and buttocks.

The former “Teen Mom” star admitted that a chin implant was her biggest regret.

“I could have done without getting a chin implant that I had to take out, that’s for sure,” she told Life & Style in October 2022. “It’s definitely like dimpled up my chin. But you know, there’s things that happen and I can’t control everything.”

In 2015, she appeared on “Botched” — a show where doctors help patients who had bad plastic surgery — because she had an allergic reaction after getting lip implants. Farrah was able to reduce the swelling after getting the implants removed.

“Farrah truly dodged a bullet. It was like nature’s way of saying to her: ‘Do not have this operation.’ It was not meant to be,” “Botched” star Dr. Terry Dubrow said at the time, per Life & Style.

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