‘Teen Mom’ Dad Posts Shady Mother’s Day Message

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MTV This "Teen Mom" made a point to leave the mother of his child out of his Mother's Day post.

Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley threw some shade at ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood in his Mother’s Day tribute to his wife Kristina. Gary and Amber share 12-year-old daughter Leah but have been on the outs since season nine of Teen Mom OG aired. Amber heard Kristina and Gary refer to her as their teenage daughter and later accused her ex of cheating on his wife with her.

Their feud has continued to escalate, with Amber vowing to never make amends with Kristina at the reunion. Gary noticeably left Amber out of his tribute when Mother’s Day rolled around this year.

Gary posted three pictures of Kristina with his two girls, Leah and Emilee, the 6-year-old daughter he shares with his wife. “Happy Mother’s Day to the ONE best MOM’s I know. You’re an amazing mother & stepmother,” the Indiana father wrote about Kristina. “Know that you are way more than a step mom! I couldn’t imagine doing this without you. Thanks for always being a great role model for our kiddos.”

He also penned a special message for his sister-in-law, Brittnee McCance. “You’re a great one as well. :)” Gary wrote.

The MTV personality finished his post by sharing a general message for all mothers. “There are lots of you out there that sacrifice so much for your children. You are not forgotten,” Gary explained. “Being a mom takes a lot. Long hours at work, coming home and teaching your kids, being a nurse, and the chef haha.”

“[My] point is a mother is so much more than popping out a kid,” he continued. “So my hats off to all you mothers out there again Happy Mother’s Day. Ps, I hate grammar and typing so my apologies for any grammar issues. Ha.”

Gary Denied Purposely Shading Amber

It was obvious to some people that Gary excluded Amber from his message. He explained that they’re still not on good terms but that he did contact her on Mother’s Day.

“Just want to clarify, there’s no ‘intentional shade’ in this post, I sent her a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ separately from this post,” Gary added in the comment section. “I wished my sister n law a Happy Mother’s Day because we are close to them. Amber and I are not close as we were if you’ve watched the show or reunion you know why.” 

Kristina Is Hurt Over The Cheating Allegations

Kristina was deeply impacted by Amber’s cheating allegations. Kristina had expected Amber to talk to her directly if she felt like there was something inappropriate transpiring.

“Saying that he cheated on me with her. That really hurt me,” Kristina told host Dr. Drew Pinsky during the season nine reunion. “She could’ve come to me personally to discuss those issues but, I know Gary didn’t do anything so…”

Dr. Drew tried to defend Amber, insinuating she might be jealous of the close relationship Kristina has with her daughter Leah. “My oldest daughter has a stepmother and I courage that relationship,” Kristina told the celebrity doctor. “The more people that love her, the more people that care for her the better.”

“Honestly, Leah and I have a wonderful bond just like my other two daughters,” she continued. “There’s no difference.”

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