Teen Mom Fans Accuse Gary Shirley of Cheating on His Wife

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Gary Shirley has been accused of cheating on his wife, Kristina Anderson, with ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood.

Teen Mom OG fans accused Gary Shirley of cheating on his wife, Kristina Anderson, after he talked about the chores he did for ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood during the premiere of Season 9.  The Indiana native said he was helping Amber because he wanted to have a good co-parenting relationship for their 11-year-old daughter, Leah.

He clarified that he and Amber did not have anything physical between them. While Kristina didn’t seem concerned about Gary blurring any lines, some Reddit users weren’t so sure.

“He is SO f***ing amber this sub is hilarious tonight,” one person wrote.

“Do we think Gary has sunk so low as to sleep with Amber again?” another Redditor questioned. “I’d like to think not but I’m sure Amber would get a thrill out of doing it and Gary just might do it.”

“It’s almost as if he is tiptoeing around as to not disturb Amber too much where she spills the beans,” a third user said.

An earlier thread questioned why Amber needed Gary’s help and an overwhelming amount of people alleged they were having an affair, while others surmised that Gary was still in love with Amber.

“They’re pulling a Javi and Kail,” the top comment reads, referencing Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, who have been accused of hooking up again.

Amber Slammed Kristina & Gary

A new feud is brewing between Amber, Gary and Kristina after years of peace. The Teen Mom OG star called Gary and Kristina “two-faced liars” in a viral video, as noted by Teen Mom Shade Room.

Amber made the accusation after she saw the January 26 premiere of Teen Mom OG, where Gary and Kristina joked Amber has become the teenage daughter they inherited. He also claimed he took care of his ex for nearly a week.

“Gary did say that he was here every day for a week. No, sweetheart. That’s a lie. And you’re two-faced,” she said, wagging her finger. “And your wife’s two-faced — saying that I’m like a teenager, like a teenage daughter.”

“Well, how did that $7,500 feel guys that wasn’t child support? Oh? Well, how did that $500 when you cleaned my house because you said you needed a job, Kristina?” she continued. “Oh I’m sorry, am I telling the truth? Yeah, I just watched that. You guys are two-faced, and you’re liars.”

Gary Makes a Public Apology to Kristina

Following Amber’s viral rant, Gary issued a public apology to his wife and said he would be “taking a step back” when it comes to Amber and helping her. He’s not sure what their co-parenting relationship will look like in the future.

“My wife is amazing. I love her deeply,” Gary wrote in the comments section on Teen Mom Shade Room’s page. “I’m very glad you’re in me and our kids’ [lives] and know we together would put up with an infinite amount of Amber’s for the sake of Leah.”

He also said he was sorry to Kristina “for having to deal with all this.”

“She is a sweet caring being and my best friend,” the father-of-two added. “I’m also very thankful for everyone here for also seeing through some of the BS.”

Gary was unsure what his future relationship with Amber would look like. “[I don’t know] how to do it anymore. I’m trying not to get into the fine details of everything trying to have some class,” he said. “Again thank you all for the support.” 

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