PHOTO: Fans Blast Gary Shirley’s IG Post With Daughter Leah

Gary Shirley

MTV "Teen Mom OG" fans ripped Gary Shirley after he posted a picture with his eldest daughter, 13-year-old Leah.

“Teen Mom OG” fans ripped Gary Shirley after he posted a picture with his eldest daughter, 13-year-old Leah.

Shirley, 35, shared a photo of himself with Leah on Instagram on January 25, saying he was happy he got to spend extra time with his daughter since she had school virtually that day.

“One of my best friends in the entire world right here, she’s enjoying the day at home (E learning) I’d say she’s one lucky girl!” he wrote. “Has 2 mom’s @realamberlportwood1__ & @kristina_shirley3 & 1 over protective papa! We are missing our little Emmy whose is on a hybrid schedule and today is one of her in school days.”

Fans Were Confused Why He Mentioned His Ex

A screenshot of the post was shared on Reddit, where the discussion mainly focused on Shirley’s ex-girlfriend and Leah’s mom, Amber Portwood. The thread garnered more than 350 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

People weren’t sure why Shirley included Portwood as “one” of Leah’s mothers, especially since Leah spends more of her time with Shirley and his wife, Kristina Anderson.

As documented on “Teen Mom OG,” Leah has a tense relationship with Portwood and has begun setting boundaries with her mother. She’s been taking “space” away from Portwood for nearly two years.

However, Leah has expressed her love and appreciation for Anderson, her stepmother.

“I have no idea why he keeps trying to make Amber happen. She’s a POS and he can respect Leah’s wishes of no contact without trashing Amber and still not kiss her ass via social media,” one fan wrote.

“She has one mom. Kristina,” said another popular comment.

Some people suspected Shirley included Portwood in the post because he was trying to be publicly cordial with his ex.

“Maybe Gary thinks it will be less harmful for his daughter in the long term to see him saying nice things on social media about her birth mom rather than drag her through the mud (Amber already does a bang up job with that all on her own),” they noted.

Portwood Said She Feels Like a ‘Bad Mom’

In the spinoff series “Teen Mom Family Reunion,” Portwood — who shares 3-year-old son James with her ex, Andrew Glennon — admitted that she didn’t feel like she was a good mother.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I am a mom,” Portwood, 31, said. “I let my anger kind of take over my life. I just wasn’t a good mom. I wasn’t there for my daughter when she needed me and I was an addict and in jail for fighting.”

Portwood said she’s been trying to improve for her children.

“I’ve literally tried to just keep on being there for my daughter and be there for my son as much as I can,” she said. “I’ve changed personally by taking better intervention classes, anger management classes… When I went to prison, I turned myself around but then I messed up again a couple of years ago.”

“It was a whole decade in between,” Portwood said. “And it’s like, why every time that I have a child it might f*** me up.”

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Angie Williams
Angie Williams
3 months ago

I agree with the comment about being cordial. Yes, they’ve had a ton of issues that have played out for everybody and their grandma to see since before the poor kid was born but that doesn’t mean that it always has to be that way. There comes a time where you have to say enough is enough. Maybe he’s opening his eyes and realizing that his kids aren’t pawns to do your bidding and they shouldn’t be used for spite when a parent wants to be petty or mean. Even if they aren’t on the best of terms, it’s super beneficial to her well-being and mental health to have a stable parent (as stable as that group can be) and to be able to witness adult interaction that isn’t hostile. Ive always been a firm believer that your relationship with the other parent has nothing to do with the relationship you (or them) have with your child. You can be the worlds most awful partner but the best parent. Idk. They also need to start acting like adults and talking to her and making sure she doesn’t end up making the same mistakes they did at 16. This show does the exact opposite of what it should be doing. It should be an eye opener about what not to do and the struggle that goes along with stupid decisions but it isn’t (except for maybe with Cate and Tyler). It shows what happens when you have a support system or your parents have money or you aren’t held accountable for your actions. Anyways. Doesn’t matter lol. It’s just another stupid tv show

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