Gary Shirley Shares Recovery Update After Having Surgery

Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley "Teen Mom OG" star Gary Shirley said he was "petrified" to have surgery on both his hands.

“Teen Mom OG” star Gary Shirley said he was “petrified” to have surgery on both his hands.

The MTV personality opened up about bilateral endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery the day after he got home from the hospital.

“I just want to say thank you so much for the prayers and the encouragement. “One day later after my surgery, and I’m all bundled up,” he told his followers via Instagram on March 6.

“I do have some bruising here, but I think it does kind of run all the way through,” Shirley said, gesturing toward his fingers and wrist.

Shirley, 35, was anxious heading into surgery. “They gave me something to help me with my nerves, which helped. I became super mellow after that shot and I was really thankful for that,” he said.

Shirley Is on the Mend

The father-of-two said his thumbs “hurt pretty bad” when he first got out of surgery, but the pain has since “subsided.”

“They went under [the wrist], did whatever cutting they had to do, sewed me up. It’s a very small incision. Range of motion, I’m able to move my hands,” Shirley said about his recovery.

At the end of the video, Shirley added that he was “petrified” and “scared” to have the procedure done, but he was happy that so many social media users wished him well.

In the caption for the video, Shirley sent a shoutout to his wife, Kristina Anderson Shirley. “Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful support! What fun it was!!!!” he wrote.

His youngest daughter, 6-year-old Emilee, briefly appeared alongside him in the clip. Shirley shares his eldest daughter, 13-year-old Leah, with ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood. Emilee is his child from his relationship with his wife.

Shirley Said Undergoing Anesthesia Was His Biggest Fear

Aside from “accidentally drinking rotten milk,” Shirley said one of his “biggest fears” was undergoing anesthesia.

“Speaking of that growing up, I feel like I always had to smell a cup before I used it! Still do sometimes out of habit lmbo,” Shirley joked. “Even tho I know they are clean.”

“Ugh, getting closer 😩,” he commented under his own post.

After he got out of surgery, Anderson hopped online to tell everyone her husband’s surgery had been a success.

“His surgery went as planned thankfully. He was entertainment for the Doctors, Nurses and staff to say the least 😂,” Anderson wrote. “He’s back home now and resting. I feel like I’ve got a baby boy to take care of and nurse back to health. 🤍💙.”

Shirley also received some support from his ex. Portwood wrote an Instagram post of her own where she asked her 1.7 million followers to pray for her daughter’s father.

“Please send all of your love positivity and encouraging words for me, my family and especially @itsgarytime @kristina_shirley3 for his recovery from bi lateral carpal tunnel surgery,” she wrote. “Let’s send them all the light and love for the ease of any pain and pray that he can get back to the things he loves most super soon!”

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