‘Teen Mom’ Star Shares Post-Tornado Update on Family & Home

Gary Shirley

Getty Gary Shirley attends the MTV Video Music Awards.

Fans of the “Teen Mom” franchise were a bit rattled to see a post-tornado update on Gary Shirley’s Instagram page on February 27. Shirley lives in Indiana with his wife, Kristina, his daughter with Amber Portwood, Leah, and his daughter with Kristina, Emilee. Although the area where the family lives was hit hard by severe weather, Gary took to Instagram to let fans know they are all fine, albeit perhaps a bit shaken.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gary Shirley Shared Photos of the Damage to the Family’s Property

The “Teen Mom” star shared five photos via his Instagram page showing the aftermath of the severe weather that hit his town. “How’s your day? How’s mine you ask? Well. Spent some time in my basement (tornado) and then Heard big crash and a bang and wallah, we all safe,” he detailed in the caption of his post. The first couple of photos Gary shared showed a large tree that had toppled over and what appeared to be broken fence pieces or siding scattered around the land. In addition, some of the family’s belongings were strewn around the home, and it appeared the fallen tree may have landed on a shed and destroyed it. The sky still appeared rather dark and ominous as Gary snapped the photos, but it seems the worst of the storm had passed them at that point.

One follower asked which county the family’s home was located in, and Kristina responded that they were in Hancock county. According to Fox59, the worst of the weather hit Hancock county mid-afternoon. “Of all storms today, this storm south of Fortville (Hancock County) displayed the greatest rotation. It appears likely that a tornado developed at some point. Gate to gate shear reached 127mph,” tweeted the outlet’s weather reporter Tucker Antico. Additional updates from the outlet noted Hancock county was under both a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Warning at various points in the afternoon.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Flooded Gary’s Post With Support

In less than 24 hours, the “Teen Mom” star’s Instagram post received nearly 400 comments and over 8,500 “likes.” Several commenters relayed details on the severe weather they experienced in other areas during the same timeframe, and almost everybody noted they were glad the family was safe. A few of Gary’s supporters incorporated some jokes into the comments section to lighten the mood a little.

“Wow glad you’re all ok! Storms don’t often scare me but today was a little frightening here in Indy!” shared one supporter.

“Super scary I am glad you are all okay, that’s what’s important. Material things are just that, things. Can’t replace the ones you love [heart emoji] stay safe!” commented another.

“But… HELLO!?!! the BBQ made it!!! Tornado steaks grilled in commemorative status!! Booyah!!” someone else quipped.

One “Teen Mom” fan asked in the comments section of Gary’s post if Portwood came through the weather issues without damage as well. Portwood lives nearby in Indianapolis, and so far, she has not posted anything on her Instagram page about the severe weather that hit Indiana on Monday.

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