Jade Cline Wants 2 Additions to ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Cast

Jade Cline

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“Teen Mom: Family Reunion” season 2 premiered last night, and to ring in the new season, cast member Jade Cline took to Instagram to answer fan questions about the new season.

Cline opened up her Instagram stories to fan questions, and when one fan asked the “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star what it was like to see her former “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” cast members Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler (Cline was moved from “Young and Pregnant” to “Teen Mom 2” in 2019), she opened up that she would love to see the two join her on “The Next Chapter”.

“That was my first time meeting [Kiaya Elliott] in person! And I adore her and her mom. We clicked quick. They have great vibes. It was great seeing [Kayla Sessler] I’ve missed her so much. I wish they were on next chapter lmao,” Cline wrote.

Jade Cline Shares Filming Location & Timeline

In addition to her thoughts on her former “Young and Pregnant” co-stars, Jade Cline shared some behind-the-scenes information about season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” with her fans.

One fan asked “Where did y’all film it at?”, as the only information given in the premiere episode was Catelynn Baltierra confirming that they were “headed to the mountains”. Cline responded with a location tag, showing that they filmed in Bend, Oregon, near the middle of the state. Cline also confirmed that filming took place “a little over 2 weeks I believe”, that they filmed “allll day everyday for weeks” (which was “exhausting”), and that the season was filmed “like 4-5 months ago”.

Cast members previously confirmed that filming took place near the end of Summer 2022, as Cheyenne Floyd’s wedding took place shortly after.

Cline also revealed what she knew about fellow “Teen Mom” star Leah Messer’s absence from “Family Reunion” season 2, writing, “Idk? I think someone said her schedule conflicted with the family reunion dates. You’ll have to ask her!”

Jade Cline Reveals When She’ll Be Ready to Have Another Baby

A few weeks ago, Jade Cline confirmed in an interview that her fiancé and father to her child, Sean Austin, is ready to have another child with her any time now, however Cline wants to wait before diving back in.

One fan asked during Cline’s Q and A, “Any more babies?” and the star shared a closer look at her desired timeline, writing, “After the wedding and after we buy our next larger property I’ll be ready lol”.

Cline and Austin are engaged after years of ups and downs with both their relationship and Austin’s addiction issues, which he has been to rehab to work on. Through it all, Cline supported her partner, and now that he is sober and they are moving on to the next steps in their relationship, she couldn’t be happier.

“Something was just telling me throughout this journey to just hold on and keep my faith and I had this faith in him. I’m glad I never gave up. I’m glad I didn’t turn my back on him because now where we are is completely just day and night,” Cline said.

Many fans took the opportunity to share how proud and inspired they are by Cline and Austin’s progress over the years in her Q and A as well.

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