Jade Cline Explodes Over ‘Horrible’ Parenting Insults

Jade Cline Sean Austin

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jade Cline did not remain quiet when fans attacked the way she parents her daughter, 4-year-old Kloie.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jade Cline did not remain quiet when fans attacked the way she parents her daughter, 4-year-old Kloie.

MTV posted a preview of the April 5 episode of “Teen Mom 2” on Instagram, which shows Kloie being reluctant to talk to her father, Sean Austin. At that time, Austin had been in rehab for two months to treat substance abuse. Cline only gets to talk to Austin once a week.

The cameras caught one of those conversations. Cline called Kloie a “grouch” for not wanting to talk to her father and said she was in a “bad mood.”

Cline brought the phone into the room so Kloie could talk to her father. “You wanna say you love Daddy? Don’t be a little grouch just ’cause you’re in a bad mood. Dad doesn’t really get to talk to you that much,” she said.

Kloie then started to sob and said, “I want Daddy.”

Some social media users blamed Cline for the sad interaction.

“Poor baby… she no grouch… she been traumatised through all the yelling and negativity in that house,” said one popular comment.

“She goes about this parenting thing all wrong!” another social media user wrote.

Some people praised Austin for getting help and hoped he would continue to live a healthy lifestyle. “Hope Sean sees how he makes her cry and does better by her. That kid needs her daddy. 💔,” they said.

Cline Said People Were Writing ‘Horrible’ Things

“Really sad to see the horrible things some of you people say,” Cline wrote in the comment section on MTV’s Instagram post. “This is our real life , we don’t hide s*** like some people.”

“At least we are open and show how hard real life can be. Addiction effects so many people in the world and we want to show that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE with the proper steps and help,” Cline wrote.

Cline reminded social media users that her family is in a good place.

“One thing that I know for sure is Kloie is happy and healthy. We are in a great spot. You’ve never lived a day in our lives so it’s easy to judge through a screen,” the Indiana native said. “You have to remember we are all human and doing what’s best for Kloie. We are all happy and healthy and that’s what matters. ❤️.”

Austin also stepped into the chat.

“That was probably one of the hardest phone calls for me while I was in treatment tbh #teenmom2 new episode , Tomorrow,” the father-of-one wrote.

During the episode, Austin said he was doing well in treatment.

Cline Laughed Off Criticism About Her Looks

As shown on season 10 of “Teen Mom 2,” Cline underwent a Brazilian butt lift, lipo360 and fat transfer to her breasts, including liposuction under her chin during a January 2021 procedure in Miami with Dr. Oliver Chang from Spectrum Aesthetics.

Cline laughed off an insult from a social media user on March 29, who said Cline looked better without a “double chin.”

“Uhm lol leave me alone,” she wrote.

Before addressing the person’s comment about her “double chin,” Cline said she was ready to move on from the drama in her life.

“Over the bulls*** in life period. A lot has changed since this episode and I really have stood my ground in life and especially with my boundaries,” she tweeted. “Very proud of myself 🥲 happy & blessed.”

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