Jade Cline Addresses Rumors About Mom’s Jail Time

Jade Cline Christy Smith

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jade Cline updated fans about the status of her mom, Christy Smith.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jade Cline opened up about her mom, Christy Smith, during a Q&A via Instagram on March 29 after the latest episode of season 11 aired.

Cline kicked Smith and her stepdad, Corey, out of her house during the episode. Cline was scheduled to go to jail for a “roach” — or the butt of a marijuana joint — that police found in her car three years ago. Smith said it didn’t belong to her.

Cline answered a question from a fan who said Smith seemed like a “down-to-earth person.”

“My mom isn’t a bad person. Just a person going through a tough time and struggles with depression. Today she’s in such a good place, she’s working,” Cline wrote via Instagram stories on March 29. “She never went to jail. She’s a lot happier and has more stability.”

Cline, 24, would like the relationship she has with her mother to blossom. “I hope me and her can continue to work on having that healthy relationship with good boundaries,” she wrote on Instagram. “A lot has changed since then and over this last year. I have changed a lot.”

The “Teen Mom 2” star said there are a lot of things that people get wrong about her life when a fan asked what she “hates” about being on television. “Having no control over our edit, and it’s annoying when ppl see small pieces of your life and think they know everything about you LOL,” she answered.

Cline Felt Like Her Mom Took Advantage of Her

Since Smith didn’t have anywhere to stay before she went to jail, Cline agreed to allow her mom to stay with her and her 4-year-old daughter Kloie.

Smith had promised to help take care of her granddaughter, but Cline said Smith was “sleeping a lot” and she wound up taking Kloie to daycare so she could go to work.

“I’m stressed out with my mom,” she told her friend, Chau. “I feel like she kinda overstayed her welcome with me. It’s just negative energy all the time.”

“I’m trying to have a happy, positive energy,” she added. “I’m trying to move forward and I just don’t want to deal with the negativity from my parents.”

Cline didn’t mind giving her parents a place to stay, but she felt like they were using her.

“I don’t mind helping but there’s a fine line between helping and just feeling like I’m getting, kinda, ran over or, almost, like, taken advantage of,” she said. “They don’t really do much. There’s no point of having you here because it’s just causing me more stress than anything. ” 

Cline texted her mom and told her she needed to get out. “I need my house back. I need that privacy back,” Cline said.

Smith Was Thrilled She Didn’t Have to Go to Jail

On the day she was supposed to turn herself in, Smith learned that she didn’t have to go. Even though she was overjoyed about remaining free, Cline had a neutral reaction to the news.

Cline explained that Smith said a lot of “mean things” after she asked her mom to move out, and then Smith tried to act as if nothing happened.

“Any time something goes her way she’s in a good mood because now she’s not going to jail and she’s calling me and basically acting like nothing ever happened,” Cline said in a confessional. “It doesn’t change how I feel.”

“We aren’t getting along,” she continued. “Like, I’m super upset with her and I expressed that to her and she doesn’t really care. So I’m just doing what I said I would do and I’m just keeping my distance.”

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