MTV Accused of Orchestrating Jade Cline’s Recovery Drama

Jade Cline

MTV "Teen Mom 2" fans watched one of the most excruciating scenes while Jade Cline recovered from plastic surgery.

Was it all for the show? “Teen Mom 2” fans watched one of the most excruciating scenes as Jade Cline recovered from plastic surgery without pain medication. Microphones caught Cline wailing for medicine and Smith refused to answer her phone.

Cline’s mother, Christy Smith, was supposed to fill her medication prescription for Percocet but disappeared for hours. Smith is a recovering drug addict and has a history of being unreliable, but Cline has defended her mother. Now some fans on Reddit are suspicious that MTV suggested Smith be the one to fill Cline’s prescription knowing she was irresponsible.

“Wild suggestion, MTV made Christy go get the meds,” the original poster wrote. “Everyone knows it was stupid for Christy to be the one to go get the meds, especially as she was so pushy about it.”

“My theory is MTV pushed her to go get them in some way and that she wasn’t actually gone anywhere near as long as they said or they just actually had the meds and staged it,” they continued. “I very much could be wrong but I am struggling to believe that anyone (even Kloie) could believe letting Christy go was acceptable.”

Cline, 24, traveled from Indiana to Miami to get a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, and fat transfer to her breasts. Cline met up with co-star and Florida resident Briana DeJesus, who has also altered her body with plastic surgery.

DeJesus helped take care of Cline while Smith absconded with her daughter’s prescription. DeJesus ultimately called 911, afraid of what would happen to Cline if she didn’t receive her antibiotics and pain medication in time.

Cline Said Smith Did Not Steal Her Pain Medicine

While most “Teen Mom 2” fans assumed Smith fled with her daughter’s pills, Cline argued her mother couldn’t find a pharmacy that was able to fill her prescription.

“She dropped me off at the AIRBNB to go get my prescriptions, but she said she couldn’t find it anywhere and that’s why it took her so long to get back,” Cline wrote on Instagram, per The Sun. “Of course I was mad. I’m still upset about that whole thing. But I’ve moved on from it. I don’t let things stay attached to me and cause me distress anymore.”

Cline seemed confused that fans were convinced Smith had nefarious intentions. “My mom wouldn’t take my pills and use them. Also, she’s never used pain pills before or been addicted to them,” the “Teen Mom 2” star added.

Cline Feared the Worst After Her Surgery

Dealing with chaos after her surgeries were one of Cline’s worst fears.

“I can’t f***ing believe this,” Cline cried to DeJesus after her mother disappeared, as shown on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2”. “I was terrified that this was going to happen.”

While Cline was more forgiving of her mother, ex-boyfriend Sean Austin — who was also taking care of Cline — suspected the worst. He told MTV cameras Smith was “full of s***” about not being able to fill the prescription.

Executive producer Larry Musnik stepped on camera to tell Austin he needed to make a decision about Cline’s health.

“She has wounds all over her body, you have a kid there, you have Jade there that’s helpless at the moment. It might be worth it for her to go to the hospital,” Musnik said on the June 8 episode. “But she can’t be transported to the hospital in the condition that she’s in by us.”

That’s when Austin agreed Cline needed help. “I’m not going to let her sit here and suffer,” he said.

After Cline agreed to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, DeJesus called the emergency line. Cline cried in the background, saying: “I always get treated like this… Always.”

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