Jade Cline on Rumors That She’s Pregnant Again & Not Working

Jade Cline

Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Jade Cline addressed rumors she was pregnant again and not working anymore.

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline addressed rumors she was pregnant again and not working anymore. The hairstylist, who lives and works in Indiana, slammed speculation that she was having a baby. She also dismantled gossip that centered around her career, saying she’s not working out of her house and that she’s always been at the same salon. Jade was suspicious someone started a fake account and was trying to take deposits from people.

Jade, 23, took to Instagram to clear up the uncertainty. “I have no idea what you people keep talking about? I do not have a scheduling website that says anywhere in the description that I’m pregnant and not taking appointments LOL,” she wrote on her Instagram stories on January 4. “And some people are saying that I’m also working out of my ‘house,’ which is completely incorrect and illegal without the correct credentials.”

If people want to get their hair done by Jade, the only way to get an appointment is through her business account. “I have had the same salon for over a year,” she told her followers. “I do not have a website for my salon at all. The only thing I have linked to my salon is the Instagram @HairSlayedByJade. If there’s any website or anything like that then it is a fake. One of the websites was asking people to send deposits so definitely beware. The only way you can book an appointment with me is through my DM.”

Jade & Sean Broke Up on the Season Finale

Jade and Sean Austin have a tumultuous relationship, with Sean breaking her window on the season finale of Teen Mom 2. While it seemed like the couple ended on bad terms, Jade said during an Instagram Q&A in December that she and Sean, the father of her 3-year-old daughter Kloie, were getting along well.

“Me and Sean are getting along great now, I feel like it’s taken a while for us to get where we are now but I’m grateful that everything has improved,” she said, as noted by Monsters & Critics. “No relationships or co-parenting relationships are perfect.  You both have to work on making it work and getting along.

“Life and relationships are full of ups and downs, what says a lot about you guys is getting through those times,” the mother-of-one continued. “You also have to move on and not dwell on the past or negative stuff.”

Jade Says Her Life With Sean Isn’t ‘Crazy’

While Jade’s life might seem chaotic and dramatic to some viewers, the MTV personality argued that her life isn’t much different than most people’s. It just seems that way because her personal struggles are blasted on television for other people to judge.

“Our life isn’t very ‘crazy,’ ups and downs at a young age or really any age is very common, my story is just displayed on national television unlike a lot of people that can hide behind their own lives or pretend that everything’s going a lot better than it is,” she explained. “At least I’m real with myself & the world about everything in my life. I keep it real and raw because I know my story definitely helps others!”

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