Jaylan Mobley Addresses Leah Messer’s ‘Fake Document’ Claim

Leah Messer Jaylan Mobley

MTV Jaylan Mobley issued a statement about the document he handed Leah Messer on their vacation.

Jaylan Mobley disputes the “fake document” accusations being thrown by his ex-fiancee, “Teen Mom” star Leah Messer. Mobley surprised Messer with a piece of paper while they were on vacation in Costa Rica that said her name was on the $500,000 house he purchased, but it turns out the document wasn’t authentic.

Mobley maintains that his intention was to include Messer’s name on the home, but he wasn’t able to get it done. He didn’t say why, but The Sun reported Messer owes “more than $450,000 in unpaid taxes.”

“Ok.. while on camera I did make it seem like it was final because it was final to me,” Mobley said about having Messer’s name on the deed. “I don’t make the final decision as the attorneys who is responsible for recording the deed.. that’s not my fault.”

When the scene first aired on  “Teen Mom,” some fans found it odd that Messer didn’t have to be present to get her name on the deed. She doesn’t have to be present for me too add her,” Mobley claimed. “Am I wrong for trying?”

Mobley said it wasn’t his decision to not have Messer’s name on the home.

“If they said ok then she would have been on it,” he continued. “They told me they would not add her to the deed due to the liability and risk.. that still didn’t stop me from trying to figure it out but I’m lying about that. I tried to do it and they told me no once we got back. They have proof.”

Mobley alleged he was being defamed. “Telling the world I created a fake legal document when it can be proved by the legal system that it wasn’t is defamation of character at its highest,” he said.

In tweets of her own, Messer accused Mobley of fabricating a “publicity stunt” in Costa Rica.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with WHY we broke up but the deed scene was BS as well,” Messer tweeted. “He made up a fake document to get my real on-camera happy reaction and had me believing I was on the deed until we got home and I learned otherwise.” She added “publicity stunt” and “FOH” as hashtags at the end of her post.

Mobley Admits He Made a Mistake by Filming With Messer’s Stepdad

Messer was upset after Mobley proposed to her because he told her that he asked her stepdad, Gary Lee Miller, for permission. She said the only person he needed permission from was her three daughters, 12-year-twins Ali and Aleeah and 9-year-old Addie.

“I only filmed with her stepdad once. No MTV was at the golf course.. and I didn’t consider myself right for asking him on camera but I have said that on camera as well and definitely not to be in another episode,” he tweeted, referring to Messer’s claims that Mobley staged the permission scene so he could appear on “Teen Mom.”

“You even said yourself, that you overreacted but now it’s completely my fault for trying to do something positive,” he continued. “I take full accountability for the in-camera scene with him. I’ve said that.”

Mobley Claimed People Were Intimidated by His ‘Potential’

In his final messages, Mobley said that he was focused on his future and that people were scared of his potential.

“My vision is so beyond any of this. It’s beyond social media. It’s beyond being on TV. It’s beyond shit that ain’t promised,” he tweeted. “I am focused on my future and how I can show up in my life 100%. I know my worth and sometimes that scares people when they know the potential you have.”

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