Fans Ridicule Jenelle Evans for ‘Full Karen’ Airbnb Rant

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans appears in a resurfaced video.

Jenelle Evans is not happy with Airbnb and she’s making sure her followers know that.

On July 5, Evans posted a series of screenshots to her Instagram Story. In the snaps, she alleged that Airbnb abruptly canceled a July 4 family trip that she and her husband, David Eason, had planned, after they had already arrived at the Airbnb location.

Evans wrote that the alleged cancellation left her children upset and she had been unsuccessful in contacting Airbnb corporate offices to find out why the cancellation took place.

“Don’t use AirBnb. They canceled our reservation in the middle of our trip on the 4th of July. Won’t tell me why. Won’t contact me back. They canceled about halfway through our trip yesterday. With four kids with us.”

When a fan suggested that the host had canceled on the family, Evans replied, “Nope, @Airbnb deleted me from the rental company’s system like I was never there. Spoke with the rental company in person at their office today. They have no issues with me or my family.”

She added that she had not yet been refunded.

In a later series of posts, Evans identified the woman who “falsely reported” her to Airbnb as “Ruby.” In one Story, she wrote, “Everyone meet Ruby. She is the one falsely reporting to @Airbnb and then laughing about it on Twitter for ruining my family vacation.”

Evans later wrote, “Ruby has been harassing my accounts every day reporting whatever she can @Airbnb.”

On Wednesday, June 6, Evans continued to post about her struggles with the company.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users Wrote That Evans Went ‘Full Karen’ on Airbnb

In total, Evans posted 28 Instagram Story slides related to the alleged Airbnb cancellation, and the woman she said reported her to the hosting company.

In a Reddit thread titled, “Jenelle going full Karen mode on AirBNB,” fans weighed in on the incident.

Most credited the cancellation to Evans having an Only Fans page, which she launched in May.

One user wrote, “Why tf would anyone want porn being filmed in their air bnb? They ruined your KIDS trip? Or they ruined you possibly making porn with children in the room. Disgusting. Do that on your own time with your own house.”

Another added, “They don’t give a f**k, Jenelle. These places are owned mostly by private parties, and they have the right to refuse anyone staying in their home — especially if said person was previously filming OF content in another property.”

A third echoed those sentiments, writing, “There was a situation years ago where an Airbnb rental was used for a porno shoot. It ended up making the news because the shooting company did a ton of damage to the host’s property including ruining their couch with lube and bodily fluid. Airbnb had to spend a ton to reimburse the host. It does not surprise me that since then, Airbnb put a disclaimer in that no adult content is allowed to be shot during a rental.”

On her Instagram Story, when one Instagram user suggested that the cancellation could be due to the fact that the owner of the house was not a “fan” of Evans, the former reality star wrote: “I’ll say this again.. it was a rental company and I spoke to them in person at their office. They were fine with us staying.”

Evans Responds to Critics on Twitter

Evans has also taken her claims against Airbnb to Twitter.

When one person tweeted, “Don’t be taking OF pics at the Airbnbs if you don’t want your trips canceled,” Evans replied, “I did not take any content like that with my kids on family vacation.”

Evans also referenced Ruby, the woman she previously accused of falsely reporting her to the company.

She wrote, “And because of @Alvey1Ruby actions, I will not be posting my kids for a while due to their safety. I have a few old Tik Tok drafts I’ll be posting first. Social Media is the worst and everyone learn from my experience.. don’t rent from @Airbnb.”

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