Jenelle Evans Accuses Mom & Jace of Having ‘Toxic’ Relationship

Jenelle Evans

YouTube "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans accused her mother and son of having a "toxic" relationship.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans accused her mother Barbara and son Jace of having a “toxic” relationship in a new YouTube video posted on January 23. The former MTV personality confirmed that Jace was no longer living with her after her mom found out that she talked about the custody update on TikTok.

Barbara, who has had custody of Jace since he was a baby, told TMZ that Jenelle “misspoke” about the situation and she took Jace away again. Jenelle said she was “pissed” about the situation and threatened to get lawyers involved so she could have full custody of the 10-year-old.

Currently, Jenelle, 29, and Barbara, 65, have split custody. Jenelle legally gets him every other weekend and the rest of the time Jace lives with Barbara. According to Jenelle, she started to spend more time with Jace because he was acting up and Barbara called Jenelle for assistance.

“They’re both toxic to each other–both Jace and my mom–no matter how much they want to say they’re not. They are,” she said at the end of her latest vlog. “Some of it was public… how there are holes in my mom’s walls, but it’s ten times worse than that.”

Up until the custody dispute, things between Jenelle and Barbara had been going well. “I lost my mom again. I knew this s*** was gonna get bad. I had a feeling she was gonna set me up just like she f***ing set me up when she took custody,” she said. “I guess it’s just time to get lawyers involved.”

Jenelle Claims Barbara & Jace Aren’t Safe Around Each Other

MY MOM BLOCKED ME.My last vlog showed all the excitement of Jace coming to live with us full-time, now the circumstances have sadly changed once again. I had lots of requests asking to explain what's been going on. In this video you will see my raw emotions going through my head as I was arguing with my mom.…2021-01-24T01:01:14Z

Jenelle explained that she hasn’t tried harder to fight for Jace because she didn’t want to cause a problem with her mom.

“What hurts the most is that this is my own mother doing this to me,” she said. “This is why I haven’t fought for Jace… When I get close she takes him away again.”

“I don’t get this mind game. I don’t get it,” Jenelle said. “My mom and Jace are not safe around each other and I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to make me look like the idiot when I’m telling the complete truth.”

Jenelle Said Jace Came To Live With Her Because He Was ‘Misbehaving’

According to Jenelle, Jace’s behavior was so out of control that Barbara called her several times to come to pick him up because he was being “horrible.” She threatened her son, saying that if Barbara called her again to get him he would live with her full time.

“His behavior wasn’t the best at my mom’s house. We gave him many, many, many chances and told him he better behave, and my mom, she was fed up,” she said in a YouTube video on January 17. “And she called me and she said, ‘Yeah, that’s it. He’s misbehaving again. I don’t know how he’s going to do his schoolwork and pass if he keeps it up.’”

“Me and my mom have split custody until we go to court and change the paperwork,” she added. “But right now, Jace is living full-time with me. And this is because of his behavior, and my mom can’t handle it anymore.”

Now, Barbara has apparently walked back her decision and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to sign away her rights to Jenelle.

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