Jenelle Evans Slams Her Mom Barbara in Deleted Post

Jenelle Evans

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans posted a "bittersweet" message about her son, Jace.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans posted a “bittersweet” message about her son, Jace. In January, the North Carolina native happily announced that her son was going to be living with her full-time again. But her glee was short-lived, with mom Barbara Evans telling TMZ that Jenelle “misspoke” and she still had full custody of the 11-year-old.

As documented on the MTV series, Barbara has had custody of Jace since he was a baby. It’s put a strain on Jenelle’s relationship with her mother, with Jenelle vowing to one day regain full custody of her oldest son.

Jenelle shared a Facebook post from 2013 that showed her holding a picture of Jace. “#Bittersweet, I cannot stand my mom once again,” she wrote on March 2. “She mentally ruined me but it’s ok because I will always fight for my son. Can’t keep the games going for much longer.” She later removed though post, though a Reddit user took a screenshot and posted it to the Teen Mom forum.

In the message from 2013 Jenelle originally wrote, “Good night baby boy, miss you to pieces :(”

Most ‘Teen Mom’ Viewers Were Skeptical Jenelle Would Regain Custody

Fans on Reddit were largely on Barbara’s side, saying it was a good thing Jenelle didn’t have custody of Jace. Some fans argued Jenelle would split from her husband David Eason if she wanted custody of her firstborn.

“If she really wanted Jace back then she would stay off drugs, dump David & stop dating altogether, and get a real job,” they wrote. “but she’ll never do this as this would force her to actually be a mother and parent, which she clearly doesn’t enjoy.”

Another was dubious Jenelle would ever regain custody of Jace. “Jenelle has been ‘fighting to get Jace back’ for 11 years? She only ever had custody of him for less than 6 months of his LIFE,” they said. “At this point, it’s hilarious when she says she’s going to get him back. She never had him.”

A few people argued that Jenelle could still maintain a strong relationship with her son without having full custody. “I don’t understand why she is so fixated on custody,” they said. “Just go spend time with him, that’s what’s important, that’s the only thing that was ever important. Spend time with him. But she never has and never will, it’s all about winning and one uping her mom. Girl needs some serious therapy because she done lost the big picture in life.”

Jenelle & David Have a Sordid History

Jenelle and husband David Eason have a tumultuous past, with David being fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 after making homophobic and transphobic comments. Jenelle was dismissed from the show the following year after David shot and killed their dog, Nugget.

David has also battled child abuse allegations, something he and Jenelle have both denied. The couple was investigated by Child Protective Services in May 2019, with the child briefly being removed from the home. David’s oldest daughter from a previous relationship, 13-year-old Maryssa Eason, testified against them in court.

Jenelle also has a history of drug abuse, with the Teen Mom 2 star admitted to heroin use. In 2017, she said she almost overdose and died from the deadly drug.

“I think my low point was with my drug issue and the whole heroin thing,” she told E! News. “I almost overdosed and died. I was trying to run away from my problems and then I almost overdosed.”

“When I started withdrawing for the first time in my life, I was like, ‘This is not the way I want to live. This is scaring the s*** out of me, and I need to get help right now,'” she continued.

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