Resurfaced Video Shows Jenelle Evans Insulting Soldier

YouTube Jenelle Evans

In a throwback video that resurfaced on Reddit on February 2, 2022, Jenelle Evans can be heard saying, “I hope you would have died in combat.”

In the video, Evans is screaming at the brother of her ex, Nathan Griffith, according to OK!. Both are military veterans. The video originally surfaced in 2015 after it was leaked and posted on YouTube and shared on social media.

Ok! obtained pictures of the tweets Evans posted in the aftermath of the video being posted on YouTube.

In one Tweet, Evans wrote, “Be careful there sweetheart, we all have secrets.” She followed it up with a second that read, “Oh let’s upload just the part she wants right.” The final tweet read, “Like I said I already apologized.” In separate posts, per the outlet, Evans suggested that she was “provoked” to say those things. But in fans eyes’, that wasn’t enough to justify her statements.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users Voice Their Opinions

On Reddit on February 2, 2022, one person wrote in response to the video, “This makes me sick to my stomach anybody who wishes a veteran to die in combat is an evil heartless monster.. Jenelle is such a heartless b****.”

Someone else wrote, “Wow… this is a whole new low. Horrible horrible person.” A third echoed those sentiments, writing, “Jenelle deserves every single bit of misery in her life.”

Evans is no stranger to criticism from fans. In December 2020, a podcast that featured an interview with Evans was taken down shortly after being made available to the public. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, on the podcast, Evans discussed her firing from “Teen Mom 2,” her husband’s shooting the family’s dog, and her “unfair” MTV contract.

The outlet reported that fans were upset the podcast gave Evans a platform in the wake of Eason killing Nugget.

Podcast owner Shane subsequently told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “I understand [why people are upset]. Children and animals is a line that you don’t cross. Although she didn’t hurt the dog herself, she did end up staying with her partner and that’s unforgivable for a lot of people…The last thing we wanted was to seem we were sympathetic to anyone being unkind to animals and kids.”

According to The Sun, Griffith spent time in Afghanistan and suffered from PTSD after returning home. Speaking to the outlet in September 2021, he said, “I guarantee you, most people who had to do what we did in Afghanistan wouldn’t survive.”

He continued, “Who wants to be on the streets of Afghanistan picking up bodies? We were dealing with people who were blown up, and then you have to take these bodies in bags to their family members and say ‘Hey, I’m sorry, your husband, father, brother was a suicide bomber.’”

Griffith Says He Has ‘Lost Everything’

In November 2021, Griffith opened up about his battle with depression on Instagram. In a since-deleted Story, per The Sun, he wrote: “Lost everything I have. Lost 12 lb from not eating. Lost interest in everything love even the gym and honestly lost everything I cared about.”

According to the outlet, he then told his followers to watch a “segment about depression.”

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