Jenelle Evans Pulls Back the Curtain on Her CPS Case

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Evans said she spent $10,000 in lawyer fees.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans opened up about her 2019 Child Protective Services case in a new TikTok video, posted on August 14.

Evans’ children — Kaiser, then 6, and Ensley, then 3 — were removed from her care after David Eason shot and killed their dog, a French bulldog named Nugget. Eason’s daughter, Maryssa, was also removed from the home. Evans’ eldest son, Jace, was with his maternal grandmother Barbara Evans, whom he has lived with for most of his life.

“Back in 2019, CPS tried taking my kids away for three months but they had no evidence against me when it came down to it for anything — only cussing in front of my children — so they ended up dropping the whole case,” Evans told her followers.

“After they dismissed the whole case, my lawyer told me that their office — Columbus County CPS office — was raided for all their computers,” Evans said.

Evans said she did a background check on her social worker and brought it to court after she discovered the person had an “extensive record.”

“She’s been in trouble for multiple traffic violations, she’s been in trouble for drugs before. I mean, the list goes on and on and this was before CPS hired her,” Evans said. “Now, even though this was irrelevant to the case, I printed it out and I brought it and while she’s on the stand, she remembers, we slapped it right in front of them. They yelled, ‘Objection.’ And it was sustained.”

Nugget’s death also led to Evans’ firing from “Teen Mom 2.” Eason had been fired from the series in 2018 for writing homophobic and racist comments.

Evans Said Parents Need to ‘Fight’ For Their Kids


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Evans didn’t want people who are in similar situations to be discouraged.

“But I just want to say to all the parents out there. When it comes CPS, don’t be scared of them,” she said. “If you didn’t do anything wrong as a parent, do not let them intimidate you.”

Evans advised her followers to hire a professional, even if it costs thousands of dollars.

“If they keep bothering you, like knocking at your door every other week, hire a lawyer,” she said. “Fight like hell.”

“And I know it’s a lot of money, but the only way for my CPS in my county to leave me the f*** alone was to fight hard as hell and I paid $10,000 in the end for three months and I won so now that they don’t bother me, especially because my old lawyer is now the CPS judge,” Evans added.

Evans Wasn’t Allowed to Talk to Her Kids in 2019

While her children were with their grandparents during a three-month stint in 2019, Evans said she was “interrogated.”

“Turn into mama bear mode because you’re gonna have to,” Evans said. “During my case, I was interrogated by seven different lawyers because of the grandparent and other parents from the other kids that we have being involved.”

Her social worker instructed the kids’ temporary guardians to ignore Evans’ phone calls.

“The CPS worker would not let me talk to any of my children,” she said. “And, in fact, told every grandparent that my children were with, not to answer the phone. And it’s best if Jenelle doesn’t talk to them.”

“For anybody dealing with this, I’m praying for you guys,” she finished. “Hang in there.”

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