Jenelle Evans Reveals David Eason’s Cancer Diagnosis

Jenelle Evans David Eason

Getty/David Eason David Eason did not issue a statement about his diagnosis after Jenelle Evans' statement.

While waging war against Airbnb and one of her followers after her reservation was canceled during the Fourth of July, “Teen Mom” alum Jenelle Evans upped the ante by claiming her husband, David Eason, was a cancer survivor.

Evans talked about her husband’s health scare — which was previously unknown to fans — after fans dragged her for exposing one social media user who reported her to Airbnb.

People said Evans shouldn’t publicly disclose information about the woman, especially because she was a three-time cancer survivor.

“This woman is a triple-negative breast cancer survivor. I don’t think it will go well for you if you Dx her just saying,” one fan penned on Evans’ Facebook page.

Evans was unfazed by the woman’s medical history.

“David Eason is a cancer survivor and had his thyroid removed but doesn’t make a difference how any of you treat him,” Evans wrote via Facebook on July 6. “This isn’t about her health.” 

It’s unclear why Evans’ booking was dropped, though the “Teen Mom” alum has vowed to find out why.  Fans suspected Airbnb declined her registration because she was filming content for her OnlyFans account.

Evans Was Accused of Doxxing the Woman

Evans introduced the woman to her followers by sharing screenshots of her Twitter bio, where she identifies as a three-time survivor of breast cancer.

“Why are you harassing the host I booked with on Airbnb ?!” Evans wrote as the caption on Facebook. “Thanks to you, our kids vacation was cut short in the middle of it. I will NEVER use #Airbnb again.”
“This hater has been harassing me for months apparently and people sent me her page.
I WANT TO THANK ALL MY FANS FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ Still haven’t heard back from Airbnb and what the issue is with me,” she continued. “This is Day 3 trying to contact them.”
Evans’ ultimate goal was to get her money back.
“Soooo @airbnb this is going on Day 3.. tomorrow will be Day 4 with no excuse why you cancelled my stay on 4th of July,” she tweeted on July 6. “Why won’t you contact me? I don’t get it. I’ve contacted you multiple times. Now my account is locked and so is my husbands. I WANT A REFUND.” 
Evans created a new email address and asked her followers to send stories about “bad experiences” they had with Airbnb.

Fans on Reddit Were Not Sympathetic Toward Evans

While some people on Facebook sided with Evans in the comment section under post — a majority of users on Reddit had a different response.

They weren’t sure how Eason’s cancer diagnosis had to do with Evans’ calling out the social media user over her qualms with Airbnb.

“Can somebody explain to me what the f*** David’s cancer has to do with anything? Seriously, I’m confused about what she’s trying to even say here,” they said.

“Janelle is disgusting. How is she even trying to justify doxxing someone? I don’t believe David is a cancer survivor just like I don’t believe that she’s Ill,” said a person who was suspicious about Evans’ claim.

“I mean no disrespect. But being a cancer survivor doesn’t give you a free pass to break air bnb terms and conditions and get away with it. Wtf,” a third person added.

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