Fans React to David Eason’s Controversial Comment about Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans/TikTok "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans said she was making a healthier change in her life.

On April 17, 2022, Jenelle Evans uploaded a TikTok of her family celebrating the Easter holiday by decorating dyed eggs. At the beginning of the video, Evans sipped on a glass of wine. In the background, the voice of her husband, David Eason, said, “You think you’re hot sh**. You think you’re all that.”

On Reddit, fans weighed in on Eason’s comment in a post titled, “Why would she leave this beginning clip in? She’s deleting any comments about it. He clearly wasn’t joking she starts shaking as soon as he says it. So bizarre.”

One fan explained their take on the situation, writing, “Jenelle sips wine, does awkward laugh and walks. OP thinks the comment triggered jenelle and made her shake. Which I don’t think is happening. I thinkshe just can’t record and walk properly on the uneven land.”

Another simply wrote, “David is talking sh** to her in the background.”

And a third weighed in: “This is so eerie.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans React to David Eason’s Comment

Some people were not happy with Eason’s comment to his wife. One upset Reddit user wrote, “He’s the cloud perpetually ruining what could be happy memories.”

Others, however, didn’t think anything was wrong with the TikTok. “Some of y’all are really reaching… I don’t see anything wrong with this video,” a user wrote.

Another echoed those sentiments, writing, “Can we just let Jenelle live? She clearly doesn’t give af about what we think or say. Let her and her crazy husband do whatever they do…. Also, couples talk sh** to each other all the time.”

And another wrote, “I feel like he was kidding. It’s a way to say she looked good in his eyes. My man and I joke like that all the when we look really good or are all done up. Also,It’s a compliment in the modeling world by the way. She’s by no means a model but it doesn’t always have to be something sinister, couples joke all the time and girls say ‘you b**** you look hot’ etc etc it’s not that bad.”

David Eason Faces Backlash for ‘Transphobic’ Comments

Eason was formerly in some hot water after posting a since-deleted TikTok in which he imitated a trans woman, according to The Sun.

In the video, Eason misgendered Olivia Aronson, who is friends with Evans’ former friend, Gabbie Egan.

In response to one post that has since been removed, Eason wrote, “This man dressed like a woman keeps tagging me talking s***. Then he has the nerve to tag me in a whole other video about how he ‘would never come to my page and dump on me.’ Like mf that’s what you just did! Your friend @bbyegan_ sent you here. Then you cry wolf when I point out straight facts! First you was laughing now you’re all mad… What happened to ‘get along and go with the flow?’”

Reddit users obtained a copy of one of Eason’s videos and posted it to Reddit in a post titled, “Posting this so that they can’t delete it and other brands the easons attempt to work with will see it :)”

Many shared that they were disturbed by the former “Teen Mom” star’s husband; one user wrote, “It’s so weird to me to be SO bothered by someone who you could really easily just have nothing to do with?! Like this beautiful women doesn’t want to date you, she doesn’t work with you, you literally could just live life without interacting. But instead he feels so insecure that he does….this”

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