Fans Say ‘WTF’ Over Jenelle Evans’ Pic of David Eason

Jenelle Evans

MTV "Teen Mom" fans were concerned about David Eason's alternative method to cook stuffed chicken.

“Teen Mom” fans were concerned about a new picture Jenelle Evans posted to Instagram. She showed her husband, David Eason, preparing dinner for their family, but social media users were shocked by his method.

Eason put his own spinoff on a stuffed chicken, skinning it and deboning it. He then placed stuffing inside the chicken, made holes and then stitched the carcass together with string.

“ACTUALLY SO ALARMING JUHNELLE WHAT THE F***,” an original poster wrote in call capitals.

Fans Were Afraid For Evans’ Stomach

There were two main conversations that went down in the comments section on Reddit. Some people discussed Eason’s unusual cooking method, while others wondered if the way he butchered the chicken hinted toward something more sinister.

One concern was that the Eason and Evans family could get sick from eating the overstuffed bird.

“I must know if they found this recipe somewhere or if they came up with it on their own. My IBS is flaring just looking at the photo,” one person wrote.

“How to get Salmonella poisoning by Uncle Bad Touch. He probably licked his fingers after tying this poor chicken up. Wonder if that’s one of the Rural King chicks they had on one of their past stories. I like me some chicken but not like this 🤮🤮🤮🤮,” they said.

Some people likened Eason to infamous serial killers, both real and fictional. “He cooks like a serial killer,” one wrote

“What kind of Texas Chain Saw Massacre chicken is this?” a social media user asked.

“Ed Gein swamp style cooking,” a third person noted.

Fans Freaked Over Eason Hunting With Ensley

“Teen Mom” viewers called Eason “disgusting” after they found a photo from October 2019 that showed the North Carolina native hunting with his daughter, Ensley.

“I couldn’t think of a better person to share a squirrel dinner with! She loved every minute of the process and that’s what matters to me!” Eason wrote on Instagram.

The first picture showed Ensley holding up the dead animal, the second was a selfie of Ensley and her father, and the third photo was of Ensley with a plate of rice and beans and the cooked squirrel in front of her.

Ensley, now 5, was 2 at the time the pictures were posted online.

Eason, 33, and Evans, 30, don’t have the best reputation among “Teen Mom” fans when it comes to animals.

Evans was fired from “Teen Mom 2” in 2019 after Eason shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget.

Since then, there have been various incidents with animals that alarmed fans. Eason once posted videos and pictures of himself eating their goat, named Elvis. He also threatened to “smack” Ensley after she told him not to hurt another baby chick. 

Eason upset fans another time when he took his oldest daughter, 13-year-old Maryssa, hunting and then touching the dead deer’s nipples.

“David showing Maryssa how to follow a blood trail through the woods after shooting a deer. But then he has to do some really disturbing shit with the dead deer to remind us how sick and twisted he is,” an original poster on Reddit wrote.

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