90 Day Fiance Star Confirms She Got Jenelle Evans Fired

Deavan Clegg

TLC Former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was excited about working on a new business venture with a group of podcasters, but she's no longer participating after one of her co-hosts had a hand in getting her fired. (Pictured: Deavan Clegg)

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was excited about working on a new business venture with a group of podcasters, but she’s no longer involved. That’s all thanks to 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg, who refused to work with Jenelle after she found out about Nugget, the French bulldog Jenelle’s husband David Eason shot and killed in May 2019. It’s the reason Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 and why she has struggled to maintain partnerships since leaving MTV.

Deavan, 23, claimed she didn’t know about Jenelle’s checkered past. “I told the owner I would not be involved in a project that is working with someone with these allegations. It’s everything I’m against,” the former TLC personality told The Sun. “As far as I know, she’s been fired.”

Jenelle, 29, denied she was fired from “Girl Sh*t.” She maintains that she’s a producer on the podcast and actually had a hand in getting Deavan involved. “That’s not true… She was never a producer when I signed on,” Deavan explained to The Sun. “She said she knew someone working on a big project and said jump on a zoom call if you want to be involved.”

After Jenelle was let go from Teen Mom 2, she was investigated by child protective services. The three children who lived with her and David — Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley — were removed from the house for nearly two months.

By October 2019, Jenelle announced she was leaving David and moved to Nashville with Kaiser and Ensley. By January 2020 they reconnected and confirmed they were back together — living in their North Carolina home known as “The Land” — in March of that year. The good times didn’t last for long, with David getting into legal trouble after he allegedly hit Jenelle’s friend with a handgun on the back of his head. The charges against David, who was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 for making homophobic and racist statements, were ultimately dropped.

Jenelle Claims It’s Unfair People Are Still Upset About Nugget

It’s been two years since David fatally shot Nugget, but fans — and the internet — have not forgotten. It’s an incident that Jenelle is ready to move on from. She doesn’t understand why people are still upset about the animal’s death.

“It’s pretty s**tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago… to ruin their opportunities in life,” Jenelle said on Instagram, according to a clip that was reposted by Teen Mom Shade Room. “Like, that’s s**tty. That’s really s**tty.

Jenelle also claimed she was canned because of “cancel culture.”

“You know the cancel culture shit? That’s basically why,” Jenelle said to a fan who was curious why she wasn’t involved in the project anymore. “I’m gonna sip this drink.”

“You guys enjoy yourself at the party,” Jenelle added about the group of “Girl Sh*t “members. “I hope you’re having a great time because none of you are even talking to each other!”

Multiple Businesses Have Canceled Events With Jenelle

Getting dismissed from “Girl Sh*t” isn’t the first time one of Jenelle’s events was canceled after getting receiving backlash online. Ashley’s Reality Roundup documented several incidents, namely when an Oregon cannabis dispensary canceled an event with her in July 2020 and a New York City salon canceled an event for Jenelle’s makeup company, JE Cosmetics, in July 2019.

Jenelle has also lost sponsorships with companies like meal delivery service Blue Apron, clothing brand PatPat and Pranamat, which makes therapeutic yoga mats.

Most recently, Jenelle’s inclusion caused a ruckus when she appeared on “The Family Tree” podcast in December 2020. After they were inundated with online hate, they pulled their episode with the former Teen Mom 2 star from their show.

“I hope this is a huge learning lesson for her,” Shane Cunningham from The Family Tree podcast told The Ashley in a previous interview. “I do appreciate her coming and we are sorry it spiraled the way it did.”

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