Jenelle Evans Slammed After Calling Fans ‘Obsessed’

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans threatens to shoot down a drone in this unseen MTV clip.

Fans of “Teen Mom” took to Twitter to fire back at Jenelle Evans for a recent tweet about David Eason.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Jones Shared a Photo From David Eason’s OnlyFans Asking if It Was ‘Real’

It all started when Ashley Jones shared a photo from Eason’s OnlyFans account, asking if it was photoshopped or real.

“Is this real ? Or photoshop . Cause y’all shady for the photoshop,” she tweeted on July 22.

Fans took to the comments to discuss the photo.

“Girl it’s NOT photoshop!! it’s straight from his page! How hilarious is this ?! Enjoy the laughs,” someone tweeted.

“Well she says, ‘ain’t no shame in our game’ lol,” a fan tweeted. “This is just pitiful and desperate imo.”

“It made me instantly nauseous and uncomfortable,” a commenter wrote. 

“I’ll never forget them talking about Farrah just for them to turn around and do only fans,” someone wrote.

“Unfortunately it’s real af & gross,” a fan tweeted.

“What in the actual hell is he wearing?” a fan asked. “Looks like a jockstrap that is cutting into his side… how is this attractive to ANYONE?”

“Oh God! My eyes… MY EYES!!!!!,” someone tweeted with several vomit emojis. 

“I can smell how bad this pic is,” someone wrote.

Some of these comments eventually got back to Evans.

Jenelle Evans Called Fans ‘Obsessed’ With Her Husband, Fans Clapped Back

A fan shared a GIF and wrote, “Imagine doing…whatever this is…instead of just getting a job” and Evans shared it.

In the tweet, Evans wrote, “Imagine sitting around talking about my husband’s [dick] all day , y’all are truly obsessed with his life. And by the way.. it IS a job actually.”

Fans didn’t take kindly to her tweet and replied with their feelings.

“No, that is what it looks like when you refuse to get a job,” someone tweeted. “It’s funny how your tune has changed about OF now that YOU are in a position where you need it. Things are not what they used to be and y’all are struggling. You talk about being real…stop tryna paint a diff picture.”

“Just like when he was a ‘Welder by trade,'” a fan pointed out. “Can we see his resume please? Cause I would love to know where he’s actually worked. Cause he hasn’t worked since he’s been with you. That was 2015. So…”

“We’re not talking about his [dick] We’re laughing at the lack of [dick],” someone tweeted. 

“Let’s be honest the conversation would be short, I mean there isn’t much to talk about,” someone wrote.

“He put his tiny [dick] on the internet for all of us to see …..soooooo,” a fan wrote.

“We’re not obsessed were laughing at his pinky penis,” someone commented.

“big ugly is pretty desperate for cash,” another person wrote.

“Didn’t you ridicule Farrah for getting ‘desperately naked for money’ and told her to ‘look where you are and look where I am!’ You bullied and insulted her for doing the exact same thing you’re doing now,” someone pointed out. 

To subscribe to Eason’s OnlyFans, you’d pay $10 per month. For Evans’ OnlyFans account, you’d pay $20 per month, where she has gone nude in the past.

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