Fans Call out Jenelle Evans for Hypocritical Post

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans is roasted for her filtering views.

Fans call out former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans for a hypocritical post on her Instagram Stories.

On August 26, 2022, Evans shared a video on her Instagram Story complaining about voice tuning in an Elton John and Britney Spears song.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Think Jenelle Evans Has No ‘Self-Awareness’ After Calling out Celebrities for Using Filters

The clip begins with a short tease of the song, then Evans speaks, “Ok so my question is why can’t we … can’t we stop using so much computer voice filters and echo effects and stuff. Like, I cannot hear the actual person signing because you guys added echo effects, you guys made her voice more high-pitched it sounded like. I know Elton John is in there but like, stop using so much computer. Like, I want to hear more Brittany. Like, her raw voice.”

You can watch the full video here. 

Fans noticed how ironic the post was, considering the video was made using an Instagram filter called “shiny foxy” which distorts the face to make it appear more attractive.

“Hey Nelly, can you just stop using so much computer on your face?” someone wrote.

“This b**** lacks self awareness on a level that is concerning lmfaooo how is she so dumb,” another fan said.

“She is a human oxymoron,” someone wrote.

“I can’t see the actual person either Jenelle! You know with all of the filters and what not!” a fan commented.

“Goddamn she is one dumb b**** and I wish her internet rights would be revoked,” someone said. 

“We cannot see your actual face either,” a fan pointed out.

“Funny, I wanna hear LESS of your raaaaaaw voice,” someone wrote. 

“Omg the irony,” a fan wrote. “she’s so f******* clueless. Maybe she’s trolling us. This s*** can’t be real.”

“This is ironic coming from the girl who worshipped Kesha so much that she skipped out on jail to go to her concert,” a fan pointed out. “Don’t get me wrong, I like Kesha, too, but her early music involved A LOT of autotune and it wasn’t really until ‘Praying’ when people heard her real voice.

“Self awareness could beat her with a stick and she still wouldn’t get it,” a fan wrote. 

Evans Won’t Be Returning to ‘Teen Mom’ & David Eason’s Role Has Something to Do With It

According to Evans’ manager, August Keen, who spoke with TMZ, Evans will not be returning to Teen Mom next season, despite the show wanting to make it happen.

The outlet reported that the “two sides could not reach an agreement on a contract” and Evans will be moving “on to bigger and better things in the reality TV world.”

Keen told the outlet that “MTV wanted to sign Jenelle to an exclusive deal,” but he says “it would have limited other career opportunities for Jenelle.”

Evans revealed to Us Weekly additional details about her exit.

“I alone decided to decline the terms within the agreement to pursue and further other career choices,” she told the outlet on August 24. “Based on the terms, it would have not aligned with my current opportunities.”

Keen also spoke with the outlet revealing another reason why the agreement could not be reached.

“David [Eason] was not going to be involved in MTV’s spinoff,” Keen told the outlet. ”It was about the exclusivity. We can’t be exclusive to MTV. She’s doing other things. It’s just a business thing, it’s nothing personal. She got along great with the producers.”

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