Jenelle Evans Addresses Instagram Clickbait

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans

“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans had a promising message for her Instagram followers. On her Instagram story, Evans posted an image of a field of flowers, writing, “No more clickbait from now on. Promise.”

Evans went on to explain the situation. “Like a f****** fool. You know why? Because I’ve been letting clickbait get posted on my accounts and its been being posted by Nik Richie’s account, or Nik Richie’s website I’ll say.”

“I fired him a long time ago off all my accounts. And he sneakily had someone else posting his articles onto my account. Which I had no f****** idea about,” she said and clarified, “I knew about the articles but I didn’t know they were coming from the guy that I fired.”

“So yeah, fired them again and no more clickbait. I’m done trusting anyone. I’m done trusting anyone on my accounts,” Evans firmly stated. “It’s going to be me from here on out on all my accounts. That’s it. I’m done. I’m a fool for trusting anyone. I know it sounds stupid that I said it to begin with. But yeah. Promise.”

The clickbait posted by “Teen Mom” stars has been discussed before. In July 2022, Evans spoke out against fellow “Teen Mom” Maci Bookout. When Bookout’s Twitter account posted an article about Evans’ daughter, Evans corrected the claims.

When a fan pointed out that Evans’ account had also engaged with similar articles, Evans answered, “Yeah she works with a company that I fired. I make sure my people aren’t posting negative press about the girls. If something is really negative I delete it myself and tell my people not to post things like that.”

Jenelle Evans Spoke Out About Instagram and Considered Leaving the Platform

This Instagram story about clickbait comes shortly after Evans criticized the entire social media platform for removing her content. On November 3, Evans stated that her Instagram stories were being deleted and she considered leaving and changing platforms.

“What’s even the point in having my Instagram anymore? Every time I try to talk to my fans, they just take down everything I say,” Evans shared. “I just feel like there’s no point in sharing my life with anyone, unless like, it’s worth it.”

Evans was fired from the MTV production in 2019 after Eason shot and killed their dog. Since then, Evans has focused on her social media.

Jenelle Evans Returned to the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise in 2022

Evans was a featured cast member on “Teen Mom 2.” She is the mother of two sons, 13-year-old Jace and 8-year-old Jace, and one daughter, 5-year-old Ensley with her husband David Eason.

She has not been featured in the MTV show since her firing, until her appearance in 2022. Evans appeared in “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” to attend a party hosted by Briana DeJesus, where Evans spent time with her friend and spoke about her marriage. Fans saw more of Evans when she returned again in “Girls’ Night In,” where she watched a “Teen Mom” episode with Briana DeJesus, Brittany DeJesus, and Jade Cline.

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