‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Is on Cameo

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans

Former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is offering fans an opportunity to pay for a customized video from her.

For $100, Evans will make a personalized video through the website and app Cameo.

Evans has great ratings on the site— fans who have left reviews have raved about her messages. One user wrote, “I highly recommend Jenelle, she went above and beyond with the cameo. I will definitely recommend her to others. I would of rated her more stars but they only gave me five to work with.”

Another wrote, “Jenelle was great! She recorded a great ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message for my wife.” A third user echoed those sentiments, writing, “Perfect video. Thank you so much Jenelle. My wife will love it.”

In her Cameo bio, Evans wrote: “Reality TV, Creator, Influencer, YouTube, and TikTok Creator.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Evans Gets Slammed on Reddit for Having Cameo

While Evans reviews on Cameo were positive, Reddit users bashed her for her Cameo appearances and rates.

One user wrote, “Lmao she cries about no businesses wanting to work with her, but is trying to charge them $700?!”

Another commented, “Imagine being a business and deciding you needed to invest $700 on a cameo video of Jenelle Evans, a TM sessional star, to…..??? Promote your company?? Or make a video about your product?? Or??”

A third wrote, “She must be DESPERATE for $$$! Honestly with all her ‘charging’ platforms – because a month ago when I looked this up she was not taking videos at that time and it was an option to request. Interesting.”

Evans Joined OnlyFans

Cameo isn’t the only platform you can find Evans on. The former “Teen Mom” star is also a newly-minted OnlyFans contributor.

The subscription-based platform allows users to “sell and/or purchase original content,” according to Complex. The outlet added that the site originally garnered public attention during the COVID pandemic lockdown as a destination for sex workers. OnlyFans has since “ballooned into a world of its own, where artists, entertainers, sex workers, and others can monetize their influence.”

Since creating the page, Evans has posted eleven times and has 419 “likes”. She is charging $20 for a subscription.

News of Evans joining OnlyFans comes on the heels of her complaints about a “hate campaign” that has gotten in the way of her previous influencer campaigns. In a YouTube video titled, “depressed”, Evans said: “It’s just… you know, haters. It just gets to me because I’m trying to move on and I’m trying to focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative but it’s really hard…there’s a group of haters that just have a hate campaign against me and they literally comment on all these posts.”

She added that she simply wants to succeed in life, but “haters” have gotten in the way by disrupting her band deals. “That was job security and security for my family,” Evans said. “It’s like another side income that was promised upon for six months. I haven’t done anything to deserve this.”

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